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Ireland: Speech in English

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Ireland: Speech in English

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Ireland: Speech in English

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Larry Masterson Collection. Reel-to-Reel 6 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Unidentified performer(s), fiddle in duet A1, 7–8;
fiddle solo B10;
Collins, Kieran, Galway / London, whistle in duet A2;
Mac Mathuna, Ciaran, Limerick / Dublin, speech in English A2, 23;
Unidentified performer(s), pipes solo A3;
pipes in duet A7–8;
Ryan, Sean, Tipperary, fiddle in duet A4;
Moloney, P. J. / Maloney, P. J., Tipperary, flute in duet A4;
Unidentified performer [O Conluain, Proinsias, Dublin?], speech in English A4;
Unidentified performers, instrumental group(s) A5, 9, 22–24, B3, 5, 24, 26;
Unidentified performer(s), accordion solo A6, B1–2, 6–9, 11–23, 25, 27–29;
accordion in duet B4;
Tansey, Seamus, Sligo, flute solo A10–11, 15;
Coleman Country Ceili Band, The, Sligo, instrumental group A12, 17, 19;
Unidentified performer [O Murchu, Sean, Galway / Dublin], speech in English A12, 16, 18, 29;
Unidentified performers, singing in English A13–14, 20–21;
Cooley, Joe, Galway / USA, accordion in instrumental group A22–24;
Farrelly, Sean, London, accordion, tracks B (unspecified);
Unidentified performer [de Buitlear, Eamon, Wicklow], speech in English and Irish B26;
Reck, Tommy, Dublin, pipes solo B26;
Unidentified performers, speech in English B30;
Unidentified performer, guitar in duet A1;
Teague, Frank, London, guitar in duet A2;
Unidentified performer, percussion in duet B4

Running Order:
1. Reel: Untitled [The maids of Castlebar]
2. Reels, Speech: Untitled [Miss McLeod's reel], Untitled [The copperplate], Untitled [Radio announcement, as voice-over]
3. Reel: Untitled [The maid behind the bar; Kiss the maid behind the barrel]
4. Reels, Speech: Untitled [Fahy's favourite / Fahey's favourite; The Galway reel (CICD 2861, from Julia Clifford)], Untitled [Down the broom], Untitled [The first house in Connacht / Connaught], Untitled [Radio announcement, as voice-over]
5. Jigs: Untitled [Paddy Fahey's jig / Paddy Fahy's jig; composed by Paddy Fahey / Paddy Fahy], Untitled [Related to 'The Killaloe boat'?], Untitled [Tonra's jig; composed by Brendan Tonra]
6. Reel: Untitled [Rossmore Jetty; Father Kelly's no. 2 / Father Kelly's number two; composed by Father P. J. Kelly]
7. Reels: Untitled [The old bush], Untitled [The Sligo maid]
8. Hornpipe: Untitled [The harvest home]
9. Jig: Untitled [Bill Harte's jig; The rookery]
10. Jigs: Untitled, Untitled [Strike the gay harp]
11. Reels: Untitled [Lad O'Beirne's favourite], Untitled [Never was piping so gay; composed by Ed Reavy]
12. Jigs, Speech: Untitled [The first night in America], Untitled [Saddle the pony], Untitled [Radio announcement]
13. Song: Untitled
14. Song: Untitled [Old McDonald had a farm]
15. Hornpipe: Untitled [The western]
16. Speech: Untitled [Radio announcement; information about the tune selection that follows; four titles are supplied but only three tunes are played]
17. Reels: The first house in Connacht [The first house in Connaught], The London lassies [Supplied title is incorrect?; Geoghegan's], The traveller
18. Speech: Untitled [Radio announcement]
19. Jig: Untitled [Paddy Clancy's]
20. Song: Untitled (incomplete)
21. Song: Untitled [The boys of the county Armagh]
22. Jigs: Untitled [The queen of the fair], Untitled [Out on the ocean]
23. Jigs, Speech: Untitled [The queen of the fair], Untitled [The rambling pitchfork], Untitled [Radio announcement]
24. Reel: Untitled [Dowd's number nine / Dowd's no. 9] [END OF BAND ONE]
25. Reels: Untitled [The shaskeen reel], Untitled [Buckley's fancy]
26. Jigs: Untitled [The Lough Derg jig; composed by Father P. J. Kelly], Untitled [The Nova Scotia]
27. Reels: Untitled [The old bush], Untitled [The high reel]
28. Reel: Untitled [The bag of potatoes / The bag of spuds]
29. Reel: Untitled [The humours of Lissadell]
30. Jig: Untitled [Richard Brennan's favourite]
31. Hornpipe: Untitled [Lad O'Beirne's; composed by Ed Reavy]
32. Jigs: Untitled [Jack Coen's jig; The Dundalk jig], Untitled [Katie's Fancy]
33. Jig: Untitled [The frieze breeches; incomplete]
34. Reel: Untitled [Paddy Fahy's reel / Paddy Fahey's reel; composed by Paddy Fahy / Fahey]
35. Jigs: Untitled [Andy McGann's], Untitled [Tonra's jig; composed by Brendan Tonra]
36. Reel: Untitled [The green groves of Erin]
37. Reel: Untitled [The copperplate (2)]
38. Hornpipe: Untitled [Cooley's hornpipe; composed by Paddy O'Brien]
39. Reels: Untitled [The boys of Ballisodare], Untitled [The five mile chase]
40. Reel: Untitled [The first house in Connacht / Connaught]
41. Reels: Untitled [Paddy Kelly's reel; composed by Paddy Kelly], Untitled [The sally gardens]
42. Hornpipe: Untitled [The cuckoo]
43. Reel: Untitled [Tear the calico]
44. Waltz: Untitled (incomplete)
45. Reel: Untitled [The morning mist; composed by Joe Burke]
46. Reels: Untitled [Ben Hill reel], Untitled [Rossmore Jetty; Father Kelly's no. 2, Father Kelly's number two] [Both tunes in this selection were composed by Father P. J. Kelly]
47. Jig: Untitled (incomplete)
48. Reel: Untitled [The Kilmaley]
49. Hornpipe: Untitled [The Ballyoran; composed by Sean Ryan]
50. Jig, Speech, Reels: Untitled [The coach road to Sligo], Untitled [Radio announcement], Bonnie Kate, Miss McLeod, Fermoy Lasses [This track contains a dubbing from an RTE radio programme]
51. Reels: Untitled [Castle Kelly], Untitled [Within a mile of Dublin]
52. Fling / Hornpipe, Hornpipe: Untitled [Mrs Galvin], Untitled [The western]
53. Speech, Jigs: Untitled [Radio announcement], The shady groves of Piedmont [Port an bhrathar / the Reverend Brother's jig], Sonny Brogan's jig [Bill Harte's jig; The rookery] [This track contains a dubbing from an RTE radio programme]
54. Speech: Untitled [END OF BAND TWO]

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