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A selection of the songs of Lady Dufferin (Countess of Gifford) : a companion volume to 'Songs, poems & verses' / set to music by herself & others ; edited by her son The Marquess of Dufferin

Lament of the Irish Emigrant, The [song: music and words]; Bay of Dublin, Oh [song: music and words]; Terence's Farewell to Kathleen [song: music and words]; Katey's Letter [song: music and words]; Sweet Kilkenny Town [song: music and words]; Charming Woman, The [song: music and words]; Fine Young English Gentleman, The [song: music and words]; By-Gone Hours [song: music and words]; For the Sake of Those Who are Gone [song: music and words]; I've Taught My Lips [song: music and words]; Sing No More, Oh [song: music and words]; Change, The [song: music and words]; And Have I Lost Thee [song: music and words]; I Am Weary [song: music and words]; Chactas' Lament for Atala [song: music and words]; They Bid Me Forget Thee [song: music and words]; When Another's Voice Thou Hearest [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Irish music and song : a collection of songs in the Irish language, set to music / edited for the Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language by P. W. Joyce

Ode in Praise of the Irish Language [song: music and words] (air: The Princess Royal); Dan-Mholadh na Gaedhilge [song: music and words] (air: Bainphrionnsa Rioghamhuil); 'Be'n Eirinn I [song: music and words]; Eoghan Coir [song: music and words]; Eibhlin a Ruin [song: music and words]; Eileen Aroon [song: music and words]; Eileen A Roon [song: music and words]; An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig? [song: music and words]; Have You Been at Carrick? [song: music and words]; As Truagh gan Peata an Mhaoir Agum [song: music and words]; I Wish the Shepherd's Pet Were Mine [song: music and words]; Rois Geal Dubh, An [song: music and words]; Paistin Fionn [song: music and words]; Fair Young Child, The [song: music and words]; Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor [song: music and words]; Jimmy Moveela Sthore [song: music and words]; Seaghan O Duibhir an Ghleanna [song: music and words]; John O'Dwyer of the Glen [song: music and words]; Dia-Luain, Dia-Mart, agus Dia-Ceadaoin [song: music and words]; Ar Eirinn Ni 'Neosainn Ce hI [song: music and words]; For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name [song: music and words]; Binn Lisin Aerach an Bhrogha [song: music and words]; Melodious Airy Little Fort of Bruff [song: music and words]; Grainne Mhaol [song: music and words]; Fainne Geal an Lae [song: music and words]; Dawning of the Day [song: music and words]; Tighearna Mhaigheo [song: music and words]; Ban-Chnoic Eireann Ogh [song: music and words] (air: Ullachan Dubh O); Fair Hills of Holy Ireland, The [song: music and words]; Ban-Chnoic Eireann Ogh [song: music and words]; A Chuisle Mo Chroidhe Cread I an Ghruaim Sin Ort? [song: music and words]; O, Pulse of My Heart, Why Do You Frown? [song: music and words]; Druimfhionn Donn Dilis [song: music and words]; Drimin Dhown Dheelish [song: music and words]; Moirin Ni Chuillionain [song: music and words]; Moreen O'Cullenan [song: music and words]; Maire Bheil-Atha-hAmhnais [song: music and words] (air: Port Gordon); Mary of Ballyhaunis [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Irish national songs : a collection of favourite Irish nationalist songs / arranged with pianoforte accompaniments by Alfred Moffat [and] J.J. Johnson

Let Erin Remember the Days of Old [song: music and words] (air: The Red Fox); Nation Once Again, A [song: music and words] (air: A Hundred Years Ago); Avenging and Bright [song: music and words] (Cruacha na Feinne); O'Donnell Aboo [song: music and words]; Paddies Evermore [song: music and words]; Wearin' O' the Green, The [song: music and words]; West's Asleep, The [song: music and words]; Harp That Once, The [song: music and words] (air: Gramachree); Green Flag, The [song: music and words] (air: O'Connell's March); God Save Ireland [song: music and words] (air: Tramp, tramp, tramp); Exile of Erin, The [song: music and words] (air: Savourneen Deelish); Dear Harp of My Country [song: music and words] (air: New Langolee); Saint Patrick's Day [song: music and words]; Battle-Eve of the Brigade, The [song: music and words] (air: Contented I Am); Irish Rapparees, The [song: music and words] (air: The Lowbacked Car); Felons for our Land, The [song: music and words]; Shan Van Voght, The [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Larry Masterson Collection

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Collection comprises photocopied typescripts of songs collected in Westmeath in the 1980s as part of FÁS Scheme, a photocopied photograph of Denis Murphy, fiddle, and Jackie McMahon, whistle, and sound recordings on reel-to-reel tape and audio cassette.

Masterson, Larry

Old Irish folk music and songs : a collection of 842 Irish airs and songs hitherto unpublished / edited with annotations for The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland by P.W. Joyce

Mo Chreach a's Mo Dhiachairt [song: music and words]; My Sorrow and Trouble [song: music and words]; Raisiona Bhl'-a-Hubhla, air; Races of Ballyhooly, The, air; Orangeman, The [song: music and words]; Moran's return, air; So Now Come Away, air; Pilib Ruadh, air; Red Philip, air; Cork and Sweet Munster [song: music and words]; Bouchail Breoighte, An, air; Sick Boy, The, air; Paddy's Green Island, air; Angler, The [song: music and words]; Tom Is Gone to the Fair, hornpipe; Sweet Colleen Rue [song: music and words]; River Roe, The, air; My Sorrow Is Greater Than I Can Tell, air; North of Amerikay, The [song: music and words]; Gadaighe Grana, An [song: music and words]; Ugly Thief, The [song: music and words]; Lightly Tripping, set dance; Gamhuin Geal Ban, An, air; Fair-Haired White-Skinned Calf, The, air; Chalk Sunday, jig; Seanduine Crom, An, air; Stooped Old Man, The, air; Johnny from Gandsey, reel; Piper's Wife, The, air; Wedding Ring, The, air; Lover's Story, The, air; Cherish the ladies, jig; Slan Leat go Brath, air; Farewell for Evermore, air; Silvermines, The, reel; Down with the Tithes (The Widow Well Married), air; Widow Well Married, The, air; Ball at the Hop, The, jig; Machairidhe 's Noininidhe, air; Fields and Daisies, air; Knockfierna, air; Kerry Jig, The; Ye natives of this nation [song: music and words]; My Darling Is on His Way Home, air; Crows Are Coming Home, The, air; Lament for Donoch an Bhaile-Aodha (Donogh of Ballea), air; Billy from Bruff, jig; Tabhair Dham Do Lamh, O, air; Give Me Your Hand, air; Ardlamon, hornpipe; Dwyer's hornpipe; If Any of Those Children of Hunger Shall Cry [song: music and words]; Miss Redmond's Hornpipe; Long Time I Courted You, Miss [song: music and words]; Saddle the pony, air; Pearl of th' Irish Nation, The [song: music and words]; Mo Bhron a's Mo Dhith, air; My Sorrow and My Loss, air; Ding, Dong, Bell [song: music and words]; 'Twas in the End of King James's Street [song: music and words]; Ballinamona Oro [song: music and words]; Nights Past and Gone, The, air; Captain John's Hornpipe; Gaily We Went and Gaily We Came, air; One Evening Fair [song: music and words]; Untitled, air; Pretty Girls of Abbeyfeale, The, air; Young Jenny the pride of our town, jig; Mairghread na Roiste [song: music and words]; Margaret Roche, air; Foggy Dew, The [song: music and words]; Slieve Elva, air; I Bridled My Nag [song: music and words]; New-Mown Meadows, The, reel; Spring Lambs, The, air; Prime's Hornpipe; Flurry Reel, The; Old Jerry Doyle, jig; Down through the Broom, reel; Chorus Jig, The; Roger the weaver, jig; Kitty, Will You Marry Me? [song: music and words]; Greyhound, The, hornpipe; Cois Taoibh a Chuinn, air; Beside the Harbour, air; My fiddle, hornpipe; Cock Your Pistol, Charlie, single jig; Road to Kilmallock, The, air; Walking by Moonlight, air; I rambled once, jig; Glenloe, reel; Banks of Glenoe, The [song: music and words]; Connolly's Ale [song: music and words]; Along the Ocean Shore, air; Buachaillin Donn, An, air; Brown-Haired Boy, The, air; Hurry the jug, set dance; Frost Is All over, The, hornpipe; Fifer's Reel, The; Untitled, reel; Rose of Cloonoe, The, air; Even and Odd, Like Tom With His Hod, air; I'm a Man in Myself Like Oliver's Bull, air; Acushla Gal Machree [song: music and words]; Thou Fair Pulse of My Heart [song: music and words]; All Round My Hat [song: music and words]; Dainty Davy Was a Lad [song: music and words]; Glounthaun Araglin Eeving [song: music and words]; Beautiful Little Vale of Araglin, The [song: music and words]; Rory the Blacksmith from Ireland, air; Queen's County Lasses, The, reel; Ceannuighe Sugach, An [song: music and words]; Jolly Pedlar, The [song: music and words]; Loch na Garr, air; Girl of Knocklong, The, air; Green Wood, The, air; Trip It Along, jig; Mary Lee, jig; Poor Jack Nuna, air; Bouchail Caol Dubh, An, air; Black Slender Boy, The, air; Blacksmith's Hornpipe, The; Rose That the Wind Blew Down, The, air; Cailin Deas Ruadh, An [song: music and words]; Pretty Red Girl, The [song: music and words]; From thee, Eliza, I Must Go, air; Ga Greine, air; Sunbeam, The, air; Enchanted White Duck, The [song: music and words]; Richard's hornpipe; Moirin Ni Chealla [song: music and words]; Moreen O'Kelly [song: music and words]; Pilgrimage to Skellig, The [song: music and words]; Farewell to Peggy, air; Sho-Ho, Lullaby, air; When the Snow and the Frost Are All Over, air; Foxy Mary, air; Unto the East Indies We Were Bound [song: music and words]; There's a Chicken in the Pot [song: music and words]; Then You Shall Be a True Lover of Mine [song: music and words]; I See the Moon [song: music and words]; Shan Van Vocht, The, air; Fraoch a's Aitenn, reel; Heath and Furze, reel; I'll Go Home in the Morning and Carry a Wife from Ross, air; Just in the Height of Her Bloom [song: music and words]; Air Mo Ghabhail Dhom air an mBothar Shligigh, air; As I Walked on the Road to Sligo, air; Lady in the Boat, The, air; Shamrock Reel, The; Clar Bog Del, An, air; Soft Deal Board, The, air; Banks of the Roses, The [song: music and words]; Fairy Dance, The, reel; Joys of Wedlock, The, air; Piper in the Meadows Straying, The, hornpipe; Spla-Foot Nance [song: music and words]; Matchmaker, The, air; Moll Halfpenny, air; Maid of My Choice Is Sweet Kitty Magee, The, air; Strike Up, Ye Lusty Gallants [song: music and words]; How Are You Now, My Maid?, air; Scolding Wife, The [song: music and words]; When My Love Is Near Me, air; King Charles's Jig, set dance; My Love Is Coming Home, air; Green Sleeves, air; Old Philip Armour, air; Field White with Daisies, The, air; Airgead Caillighe, air; Old Woman's Money, The, air; Bay and the Grey, The, jig; A Mhaire 'sa Mhuirnin, air; Mary, My Darling, O, air; My Love Is All the World to Me, air; Do Dhearcas an Speir-Bhean na hAonar na Suidhe, air; I Saw the Bright Lady a-Sitting Alone, air; My Eveleen Gave Me a Secret to Keep, air; Where Are You Going, My Pretty Fair Maid?, O [song: music and words]; Am I the Docter You Wished For to See? [song: music and words]; Cnuicin Ruadh, An, air; Red Little Hill, The, air; Ta Me Sasta le M'Staid, air; I'm Content With My Lot, air; Rockmills Hornpipe; Through the Wild Woods Alone, air; Raven's Nest, The, air; Mo Chailin Donn Deas as Misi Siubhal le Cheile, air; My Pretty Brown-Haired Girl and Myself a-Walking Together, air; Chiefs of Old Times, The, air; Caoin, Keen, Lament, air; Jem the Miller, air; Stail Graoi, An, air; Strong Steed, The, air; My Darling Boy Is Far Away, air; While the Stars Were Bright, air; Come, All Ye Fair Maidens [song: music and words]; Cutting of the Turf, The, air; Dance by the Old Sally Tree, The, air; When I Came to My True Love's Window, air; Fair Girl Making Hay, The, jig; Gold-Haired Maid, The, air; Air Mo Ghabhail Dhom taoibh Bhaile-Atha-Cliath, air; As I Was Walking beside Dublin, air; Mo Stoirin O Mhuscraidhe, air; Mo Storeen from Muskerry, air; Here's a Health to Our Leader, air; Snug Little Girl from Bansha, The, air; Thrush and the Blackbird Are Singing, The, air; Old Rambler, The, air; Areir a Teirighig Sceul Dhom Trem Neulta, air; Last Night a Story Came to Me in My Dreams, air; Farewll to Kinsale, air; Hammer and Tongs, air; Sailing in the Lowlands Low, air; March of the Months, The, air; High-Flier, The, air; He Has Come Back to Erin, air; A Sheadhain, a Bhrathair Ghaoil, air; John, My Cousin, O, air; Cuilfhionn Mhuinte Sheimh, air; Gentle Refined Fair-Haired Girl, The, air; Mary from Blackwater Side, air; Cottage in the Grove, The, reel; A Bhean-a-Tighe, air; Woman of the House, air; Lark in the Blue Summer Sky, The, air; Kerry for Me, air; Una's New Gown, jig; House of Clonelphin, The, jig; Yew Tree, The, air; Is Beag an Tarrthail Gheobhfus Mo Dhrathairin, air; It's Little Protection My Brother Will Get, air; Green Banks of the Maigue, The, air; Areir as Me Ag Macnamh air Bheartaibh an tSaoghail, air; Last Night As I Was Thinking of the Ways of the World, air; Annie O'Brien, air; To Myross Wood I Chanced to Stray, air; Fire on the Mountains, air; Kilkenny Races, air; Untitled, jig; Across the bridge to Connaught, jig; Hibernia's Lovely Jane, air; Magauire's March, The; Irish Minuet, An, air; Convict of Van Diemen's Land, The, air; Newry Mountain [song: music and words]; Drimin Dhu Dheelish [song: music and words]; Ellen's Refusal, air; Katty at Her Wheel, air; Single and Free [song: music and words]; Home across the Ford, air; Flag of Green, air; Tree of Liberty, The, air; Colleen Dhas, The, air; Pretty Girl, The, air; We Are Bold Volunteers, air; Shannon's flowery banks, air; Fair of Dunmore, or the Juice of the Barley, The, air; Juice of the Barley, The, air; Rights of Man, The, hornpipe; Blaris Moor [song: music and words]; Blaris Moor, air; Tragedy, The, air; In Deepest Sorrow I Think of Home, air; Guiry's reel; Old Man He Courted Me, An [song: music and words]; Gipsy Hornpipe, The; My Love Is in the House, reel; Dew on the Grass, The, air; Rakes of Kinsale, The, jig; Castleconnell Lasses, reel; Strawberry Banks, The, reel; Typrid Lasses, The, reel; Carey's dream, reel; Yellow Horse, The, air; When My Old Hat Was New, air; Shamrock, The, air; Connolly's jig; Mrs Martin's Favourite, jig; Furnill's Frolic, slip jig; Follow me down to Carlow, jig; An Bhhean Bhocht, air; Poor Woman, The, air; Carolan's Ramble to Cashel, air; Lemonfield Rangers, The, air; He Thought of the Charmer, air; My Name is Bold Kelly, air; Girl of Bruree, The, air; Felix [song: music and words]; Pound of Tow, The [song: music and words]; Ivy Leaf, The, air; Buailtean Mor, An, air; Heavy Boolthaun, air; My Dear, We'll Get Married If Love Comes On, air; Charming Mary Neill [song: music and words]; Adieu to O'Reilly, air; Barraidh na gCraobh, air; Tops of the Branches, The, air; Keen, Lament, air; Barley Malt, The, air; Thomas Avocka from Ballyneal Cross, air; Garraun Bwee, The, air; Yellow Horse, air; An mBeidhedh Agum Coite na Bad, air; Had I a Cot or a Boat, air; Shanavest and Caravat, The, air; Wheat Is Ready for Reaping Now, air; I Must Be Married If This Is the Way, air; Sios air an Urlar, air; Down on the Floor, air; Caravat Jig, The; Trip We Took over the Mountain, The [song: music and words]; Fear Bocht Scallta, An, air; Scalded Poor Man, The, air; Susa Dubh, An, air; Black Blanket, The, air; Real Irish Toper, The [song: music and words]; Uiscidhe Chroidhe na nAnmann, A h-U, air; Whiskey Heart of Souls, Oh, air; Oro se Do Bheatha Abhaile [song: music and words]; Oro, Welcome Home [song: music and words]; Three Jolly Topers, The, air; Old Irish Quadrille; Banks of Killaloe, The, air; Abhran Buadha, air; Song of Victory, air; There Was a Young Couple, air; This Fair Maid to the Meadow's Gone [song: music and words]; Morning Dew, The, air; She's the Dear Maid to Me [song: music and words]; Barrow Boatman's Song, air; Breestheen Mira, jig; Willie Riley, air; Gallant Hussar, The, air; As I Roved Out on a Mayday Morning, air; Untitled, hornpipe; My Own Dear Colleen Dhas, air; Wexford Rebel, The, air; Tinnehinch Castle, air; Croppy boy, The, air; Devil in Dublin, The, air; Brave Donnelly, air; Brigidh Ni Mhaille, air; Brigid O'Malley, air; Farewell to Lough Conn, air; Cearc agus Coileach a d'Imthigh le Cheile, air; Hen and a Cock Went Out Together, A, air; Ta Dha Uilliam Daibhis Annsan Aitse, air; There are Two William Davis's in This Place, air; Negus for Gentlemen, air; My Own Dear Maid, air; Tigh na gCeillighe a gCloch, air; House of the Kielys on the Cliff, The, air; Paddy Shown More, air; Ship Went Down With All on Board, The, air; John Macananty's Welcome Home, air; Old Sibby, air; Song of the Blackbird, The, air; Sailor Boy, The, air; Valentine O'Hara [song: music and words]; As We Sailed from the Downs [song: music and words]; Down in the Lowlands, air; Didn't You Promise Your Own Sweet Bride I Would Be?, air; Ballindown Braes [song: music and words]; With My Love on the Road, air; Cruel Delany, air; Mantle So Green, The [song: music and words]; My Darling Boy Is Gone, air; Mermaid, The [song: music and words]; My Lovely Irish Boy [song: music and words]; Eliza, or When I Landed in Glasgow [song: music and words]; Ladies Dressed in Their Garments so Green, The, air; Jacket Blue, The [song: music and words]; Rambler, The, air; It Was on a Friday Morning, air; Gipsies Cam to Lord M's Gate, The, air; Breeze from Scotland Will Bring My Love, The, air; Lasses of Donaghadee, The, air; Praise of Prince Charlie, The, air; Waterloo, air; Shearing the sheep, air; While Maureen is Far Away, air; Untitled, slip jig; Cows are a-Milking, The, reel; Burns's Dream, jig; Rakes of Newcastle West, The, jig; Corkick's Hornpipe; Gallagher's Frolic, air; Rosin the Boo, air; Major, The, air; Lady in the Sun, The, air; Pining Maid, The, reel; Lass of Ballintra, The, reel; Lady Carbury, reel; Dunboyne Straw-Plaiters, The, reel; Castle Kelly, reel; Boys of the Lake, The, reel; Eagle's Whistle, The, air; Young Man's Lamentation, The, air; Fuaim na dTonn, air; Sound of the Waves, The, air; Pretty Girl Combing Her Locks, The, air; Cruel Wars, Oh the, air; Moonlight Jig, The; White Calf, The, air; Push the Jug Round, air; Jenny Dwyer, air; Drimin Donn Dilis, air; Dear White-Backed Brown Cow, The, air; Green Linnet, The [song: music and words]; Mackenna's Dream [song: music and words] (air: Captain Rock); Billy Byrne of Ballymanus [song: music and words]; Searching for Young Lambs [song: music and words]; Blackbird, The [song: music and words]; Boyne Water, The [song: music and words]; Bishop Butler of Kilcash [song: music and words]; Brennan on the Moor [song: music and words]; Captain Thompson [song: music and words]; Gardener's Son, The [song: music and words]; Irish Girl, The [song: music and words]; Come With Me, My Irish Girl, Oh [song: music and words]; Sweet Cootehill Town [song: music and words]; Croppy Boy, The [song: music and words]; Handsome Sally [song: music and words]; Rambler from Clare, The [song: music and words]; My Mind it is Uneasy [song: music and words]; Dumb, Dumb, Dumb [song: music and words]; Each Night When I Slumber [song: music and words]; John Macananty's Courtship [song: music and words]; I'm a Poor Stranger and Far from My Own [song: music and words]; Cottage Maid, The [song: music and words]; Colleen Rue, The [song: music and words]; Castlehyde [song: music and words]; Drynaun Dhun, The [song: music and words]; Boys of Mullaghbawn, The [song: music and words]; Dear Irish Boy, The, or The Dear Irish Maid [song: music and words]; Enniskillen Dragoon, The [song: music and words]; Fair Maidens' Beauty Will Soon Fade Away [song: music and words]; Execution Song, or Lamentation (air: Na Mna Deasa Bhaile-Locha Riabhach, The Pretty Lasses of Loughrea) [song: music and words]; Jemmy Mo Veela Sthore [song: music and words]; Jemmy, My Thousand Treasures, song; Drahaareen-O Mochree [song: music and words]; Little Brother of My Heart [song: music and words]; Irish Molly-O [song: music and words]; Lowlands of Holland, The [song: music and words]; Live It Is a Killing Thing, Oh [song: music and words]; Spalpeen's Complaint of the Cranbally Farmer, The [song: music and words]; Ye sons of old Ireland [song: music and words] (air: Noch Baineann Sin Do); Lover's Ghost, The [song: music and words]; Molly Bawn [song: music and words]; Nancy the Pride of the West [song: music and words]; Priest and the Rake, The [song: music and words]; Ploughboy, The [song: music and words]; Nobleman's Wedding, The [song: music and words]; Reynard the Fox [song: music and words]; Shamrock Shore, The, song; Summer is Come and the Grass is Green, The [song: music and words]; Lake of Coolfinn, or Willie Leonard [song: music and words]; Bold Captain Freney [song: music and words]; A Chushla Gal Mochree [song: music and words]; Willie Reilly [song: music and words]; Twas Down in the Meadows [song: music and words]; When First I Came to the County Limerick [song: music and words]; Time is Drawing Nigh, The [song: music and words]; Willie Taylor [song: music and words]; Shule Aroon [song: music and words]; I Wish I Had the Shepherd's Lamb [song: music and words]; Winter It Is Past, or The Curragh of Kildare, The [song: music and words]; Arthur McBride [song: music and words]; Father Murphy of the County Wexford [song: music and words]; Sparainin Airgid, An, air; Little Purse of Money, The, air; Caithteach Chron, An, air; Brown Winnowing Sheet, The, air; Margaret O'Neill, air; Paddy Sean Ban, air; Downfall of O'Reilly, The, air; Humours of Glenflesk, The, jig; Why Should We Quarrel for Riches, air; Miller's Maggot, The, air; Giolla na Dayhie, air; Maire Mhordhalach, air; Haughty Mary, air; Barbara Needham, air; My Jewel My Joy [song: music and words]; My Kathleen Dear, air; Lough Rea, air; Bally Lough Riach, air; Roving Sailore, The, air; Druimin Dubh Dilis, air; Dear Black-Backed Cow, The, air; Branded Cow, The, air; Nine Points of Knavery, The, reel; Michael Ward, or Michael O'Connor, air; A Mhaire Ni Chuillionain, air; My Mary Cullenan, air; Giolla Dubh O'Glamharain, air; Dark-Visaged Lad O'Gloran, air; Bothar Dubh, An, air; Black Road, The, air; Cuan Bhaile Seoin, air; Habour of Ballyshone, The, air; Foggy Morning, The, air; I Will Rise in the Morn by the Dawn of Bright Day, air; Trooper's Wife, The, air; Is Fada Liom Siar an Cruach, air; I Think Croagh Patrick Too Far Away From Me, air; Nelly a Chailin Deas, air; Nelly My Pretty Girl, air; Carraigin an Annsa, air; Little Rock of Affection, The, air; My Native Mountain Home, air; Love-Letter, The, air; Captain Mac Greal of Connemara, air; Lamentation of James Murphy, The, air; Staicin Eorna, An, air; Little Stack of Barley, The, air; Charles McHugh, the Robber, air; Feast of the Birds, The, air; Maid of Garryowen, The, air; If the Grog is Good, We Will Have More of It, air; Make Haste Home to Your Mother, air; Patrick O'Donovan the Piper, air; Nelly Bawn, or The Song of Crossmolina, air; Bring Home the Bride, air; Get Up My Darling and Come With Me, air; Morning Star, The, air; Song of Jenny Ward, The, air; Brigit Geary, air; Lamentation of O'Reilly's Bride, air; It Was on a Fair Calm Morning, air; Oro a dTiucfaidh Tu, air; Oro Will You Come, air; Peggy O'Hara's Wedding, air; Brian Mac Cowall, or Needa Mac Cowall, air; Bogadh Faoi Shusa, slip jig; Cois Aimhne na Leamhna, air; Beside the River Laune, air; Gradh Geal Mochroidhe, air; Fair Love of My Heart, air; Bobbity Dawly, air; Caoine, keen or Lament, air; Groves of Blackpool, The, air; Young Men, If You Go to the Fair, air; Blacksmith and His Son, The, air; My Journey to London, air; Peep o' Day Ranger, The, air; Kerryman's Visit to Dublin, The, air; Blind Beggar of the Glen, The, air; Figheadoir Ban, An, air; Fair-Haired Weaver, The, air; Between Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir, air; One Day in My Rambles, air; Habit Shirt, The, air; Rambling Reaper, The, air; Spailpin Fanach, An, air; Rambling Labourer, The, air; Anna Bhan, air; Fair-Haired Anna, air; I Wish I Was a Fisherman Living on the Hill of Howth, air; Lord King, air; Green Shady Glen, The, air; Nora an Chuil Omair, air; Nora of the Amber Hair, air; Battle of Clontarf, The, air; Kitty O'Neill, air; Red-Haired Mary, air; San Ol, or Ol Dan, air; Drinking Song, air; Beannacht agus Ceud Leis, air; Hundred and One Farewells to Him, A, air; Amhainn Mhor, An, air; Owenmore, The, air; Ma Se Sin Agutsa, air; If You Have That, air; Galty Hunt, The, air; Solomon's Temple, air; Why Do You Leave Me?, air; Outcast Daughter, The, air; James Irwin, air; Shannon Side, air; Falluinn air Fhalluinn, air; Mantle on Mantle, air; Garden Gate, The, air; Down by the Banks of the Sweet Primroses, air; Humours of Ballinaraheen, The, jig; Mason's March, The, air; Larry Grogan, air; Farewell to Spain, air; Old Woman's Hornpipe, The, air; Go Home, Go Home, Dear Cousin, air; Siubhal, a Bhean Dubh-O, air; Come, O Dark-Haired Woman, air; Killiney Maiden, The, air; Farewell, My Old Comrades, air; Cock and the Hen, The, air; Weaver's Daughter from the County Down, The, air; In the County Armagh, air; Hall's Mill, air; Stonecutter's Jig, The; White Horse, The, air; Planxty by Carolan, air; Sir Henry McDermot Roe, air; Harry Munro, air; Coolin Roe, air; Lament, air; Rebel's Farewell, The, air; Paddy's Wedding, air; Glasgow Lasses, The, air; Caoch Eolaighe, An, air; Blind Guide, The, air; Tis the Whiskey That Make's Life's Cares Lie Light on Me, air; Pretty Polly, air; Maureen My Darling, O, air; Banks of the Lagan, The, air; You Gentlemen of England [song: music and words]; Kiss in the Kitchen, A, air; Fairies' Lamentation, The, air; Banks of the Bann, The, air; Third of August, The, air; Peggy Aroon, air; Peggy My Darling, air; Lough Gowna, air; Mailli Ni Maoluain, air; Molly O'Malone, air; Lough Sheeling, air; Leanbh Aimhreidh, An, air; Troubled Child, The, air; Seabhac na hEirne, air; Hawk of Ballyshannon, The, air; Coolin, The, air; Ceannuighe O'n Earna, An, air; Merchant from the Erne, The, air; Boherroe, air; Cailin Ruadh, An, air; Red-Haired Girl, The, air; It Is Not the Time to Go, Boys, air; Sean Bho Mhaol, air; Old Hornless Cow, The, air; Brown Ewe, The, air; In My Father's Pleasant Gardens, air; Weaver's Daughter, The, air; Mourne Shore, air; Muirnin Geal mo Chroidhe, air; Fair Darling of My Heart, air; Een Been Bubbero, air; Ree Ro Raddy-O, air; How Shall I Find Her Home Room?, air; I Wish I Was in Banagher, air; Paddereen Mare, The, air; Banished Defender, The, air; Dan Kelly's Perjulry, air; Rose Ward, air; Roisin Ni Cuirnin, air; Erin My Country, air; Yeomen of Ballinamore, The, air; He That Will Marry Me, air; Sighile Bheag Ni Chonnallain, air; Little Celia O'Connellan, air; Cailin Deas Min, An, air; Handsome Mild Young Girl, The, air; Shall We Ever Be in One Lodging?, air; Oganaigh an Chuil Dualaigh, air; The youth of the curly locks, air; Cavan O'Reilly, air; Ancient Irish Hymn on the Crucifixion, air; Barney Is in Prison, air; Peggy Was Mistress of My Heart, air; Mullach Scrine, air; Hill of Skreen, The, air; Up the Heathery Mountain and through the Rushy Fields, air; We Will Go To Tara's Hill, air; Straddy, The, air; I Am a Real Republican, air; Cradle Will Rock and the Baby Will Fall, The, air; Castle Finn, air; Bird Alone, The, air; Cul Aluinn Mo Chailin Donn, air; Beautiful Head Is My Brown-Haired Girl, air; Molly, You Have a Cunning Smile, air; A Sheumais, a Ghradh, air; Jemmy, My Love, air; Comely Girl both Tall and Straight, The, air; I Wish I Was a Silver Watch That in My Truelove's Pocket I Might Lodge, air; River Linn, The, air; Bunnan Buidhe, An, air; Yellow Bittern, The, air; My Wedding Is Preparing, air; I'm Weary of Walking Alone, air; Lamentation for Father Charles O'Rodican, air; Mo Reulta Eoluidhe, air; My Guiding Star, air; Cuckoo, The, air; I Oft Heard My Grandmother Say, air; Mo Londubh Beag Aoibhinn, air; My Sweet Little Black-Bird, air; Lord Baykim, air; Johnny Peyton, air; Jemmy and Nancy, air; Cul na Lub, air; Head of Curls, air; Nancy Cooper, air; Una a Ruin, air; Winnie Dear, air; Mainister an Bhuill, air; Boyle Abbey, air; Take My Life for His, She Said, air; I Heard a Maid in Bedlam a-Making Sore Complaint, air; Trip with the Roving Shooler, air; Top of Slieve Gullion, The, air; Is Buachaillin Beag Og Me, air; I Am a Young Little Boy, air; Bag of Sundries, The, air; Is Baintreabhach agus Maighdean Me, air; I Am a Widow and a Maid, air; I'll Travel to Mount Nebo, air; Many a Pleasant Hour My Love and I Did Pass, air; Greenwood Lad, The, air; Fallainn a Fuair a Chiorrbhadh, air; Cloak That Got Its Combing, air; Glaisin Og na gCraobh, air; Little Grey Mare of the Branches, The, air; Dolphin, The, air; Mild O'Reilly, air; Darling, Don't Refuse Me, air; At Cloone Church Gate the Fight Began, air; Pretty Polly Like a Trooper Did Ride, air; He Left the Poor Widows a-Weeping, air; Wexford Tragedy, The, air; What Shall I Do?, My Love is Going to Wed, air; Bold Val O'Hara, The, air; Peely Cuit Ban, air; Long White Cat, The, air; Donocha Ban, air; Fair-Haired Denis, air; Ochone-O, Caoine, or Keen, air; Search the World Round, air; Fead an iolair, air; Leaves so Green, The, air; Dun do Shuile, air; Close Your Eyes, air; Lay Me In Killarney, O, air; Cape Clear, air; Plough Tune, air; Caoine, Keen or Ullagone, air; Nurse's Lullaby, A, air; Canal Boat, The, air; All Alone, air; Lark in the Morning, The, air; Kitty Alone, air; Cuisle Mo Chroidhe, air; Cushla Machree, air; Pulse of My Heart, air; What Shall I Do If He Leaves Me, air; My Love She Is Living in Donegal Town, air; Erin, My Country, Oh, air; Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded, air; My Name It Is Munhall, air; Air Bhruach na Carraige Baine, air; On the Brink of the White Rock, air; Killarney, Lovely Lake, air; Paddy's Waltz, air; Molly Hewson, My Jewel, air; Gammaho, The, jig; Molly Maguire, air; Peggy's Wedding, air; Keshcorran, air; Una Aruin, air; Dear Oona, air; Dear Winnie, air; Humours of Winnington, The, air; Pice an tSugra, air; Pleasant Peak or Hill, The, air; Cailin Ruadh, An, air; Red-Haired Girl, air; Youghal harbour, air; Irish Hunting Song, air; Plough Whistle, air; Giolla Gruamach, An, air; Sullen Boy, The, air; Cupan Ui hEaghra, air; O'Hara's Cup, air; There's Whiskey in the Jar, air; Bean an Tabhairne, air; Landlady of the Tavern, The, air; Vale of Coloun, The, air; Flower of the Vale, The, air; Gradh Mo Chroidhe do Shean Wig, air; Your Old Wig is the Love of My Heart, air; Mother's Lamentation, The, air; Beer and Ale and Brandy, air; It Is Not Day, No, Nor Morning, air; Poc ar Buille, air; Mad Buckgoat, The, air; Leading of the Star, The, air; Lament for the Dead, air; My Dear Judy, Oh, air; Baaltigh Abhran, air; Baltyoran, air; Cock Up Your Chin, Billy, air; Gluigir a Mhaidir, air; Splashing of the Churn, The, air; Night of the Fun, The, air; Cat's Bagpipes, The, air; Rousing of the Drink, The, air; Funny Eyes, air; Friar's Farewell to the Reek, The, air; Punch for Ladies, air; Cailin Deas Modhamhuil, An, air; Mild Pretty Girl, The, air; Carolan's Cap, air; Sailchuach, An, air; Violet, The, air; In Came the Miller, air; Irish cry, air; Cailin Donn, An, air; Brown-Haired Girl, The, air; Sean Bhean Chrion an Dreanntain, air; Withered Growling Old Woman, air; Willie Winkie, air; If I Were Near the Pea-Field, air; I Prefer My Pea-Flower, air; Woody Hill, The, air; Pretty Green Banks of Cavan, The, air; Siar Cois Chuain Dom, air; As I Was By the Bay Westwards, air; Ceannuidhe Sugach, An, air; Jolly Pedlar, The, air; Gamhna Geala, Na, air; White Calves, The, air; Whip Her and Gird Her, air; Sheep-Shearers, The, air; Next Oars, air; Nobe's Maggot, air; Erin's groves, reel; Welcome Home from Newfoundland, air; Joy to Great Caesar, air; We All Take a Sup in Our Turn, air; Charming Molly, air; Pretty Lass, The, air; Ormond's Lament, air; Beggarman, The, air; Mary Donlevy, air; Castle Oliver Chase, air; Fialaidh agus Maith, air; Generous and Good, air; I'll Go Home and Tell My Mother, air; Wash Your Face, air; Croidhe Mhumhan, air; Heart of Munster, The, air; Sighile Ni Ghadhra, air; Sheela Nee Guira, air; Teige's Rambles, air; Jenny Ward, air; Condae Mhaigheo, air; County Mayo, The, air; Tighearnach, air; Tierna, air; Pearla an Bhrollaigh Bhain, air; Pearl of the White Breast, The, air; Reult na Maidne, air; Coige Mhumhan, air; Province of Munster, The, air; Ingin Langley a Lios na mBroc, air; Langley's Daughter of Lisnabrock, air; Grasach Abu, air; Maire a Ruin, air; May My Dear, air; Father Frank of Gorey, air; Sara Buidhe, air; Yellow Sara, air; Diarmuid Bacach, air; Lame Dermot, air; Uilin, air; Death of My Pony, The, air; Maire Muilleoir, air; Mary the Miller, air; Ta Mo Chroidhe Chomh Chiar Dubh le hAirne, air; My Heart is as Black as a Sloe, air; Si Blath Geal na Smeur, air; She is the Blackberry's Fair Blossom, air; Fallainnin Mhuimhneach, An, air; Little Munster Mantle, The, air; Bouchaillin Fir Oig, An, air; Young Boy, The, air; Hard-Hearted Widow, The, air; Scottish Lovers, The, air; Scornach na Wallige, air; My Darling Peggy White, air; Owen Roe O'Neill, air; Owen O'Neill's March; Dawning of the Day, The, air; Donall Bran, air; Bishop's Song, The, air; Biddy Rowan, air; Si Mo Ghaol a Lar Dhonn, air; Star of Munster, The, reel; Bullan Mor, An, air; Big Ox, The, air; Cow Behind the Hay-Cock, The, air; Star, The, air; Hen and Chickens, air; Old Ireland, Rejoice, air; Sprite, The, air; Bodaigh an Bheurla, air; English Churls, The, air; Lord Rossmore's Tallyho in the Morning, air; I'll Make You Fain to Follow Me, air; Hunting the hare, air; Humours of Currageen, The, air; Cherry Grove Jig, air; Narry the Piper, air; Throw the Old Woman over the House, air; Sweet Kathleen Machree, air; Birthday, The, air; Mary O'Hara, air; Carrickmacross, air; Galway Town, air; Inghin an Fhaoit On nGleann, air; White's Daughter from the Glen, air; Nobody Cares for Me, air; Nurse Tune, air; Cois Abhann, air; Beside the River, air; Where Were You All the Day, My Own Pretty Boy [song: music and words]; Old Irish Melody, air; Blind Mary, air; Kathleen Asthore, air; John MacDermot, air; Mother's Grief, The, air; Tis a Pity to See, air; Twisting of the Rope, The, air; Longest Day, The, air; Planxty Reynolds, air; Oak Stick, The, air; Bang Up, air; Roger MacMun, air; Tumble the Jug, air; Gile Mochroidhe, air; Brightness of My Heart, air; Housemaid Jig, The; Fare Thee Well, Sweet Killaloe, air

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Oliver Moran Song Manuscripts

  • OMO-276003
  • Collection
  • mid 20th cent.
The three songbooks for the most part contain a variety of Irish popular songs in the English language. Songbook A also contains some poetry and extracts from Shakespearean plays. There are two handwritings in the manuscripts. The smaller, more pointed, less round, is that of Oliver Moran. The other may be that of Peter O'Hare whose name is in one of the manuscripts, but nothing is known of him. There is some other biographical information in the manuscripts.

Moran, John Oliver, 1933-2017

Songs of the Irish harpers / collected and arranged for harp or piano by C. Milligan Fox

My thousand times beloved = A mhile gradh, le mhile lá [song: music and words]; Golden locks are my delight = Cúl na subh [song: music and words]; The parting of friends [song: music and words] (air: Na Cumun); Marbhna Chearbhallain [song: words only]; Men of Connaught = Domhnall Meirgeach [song: music and words]; Moorlough Mary [song: music and words]; Sorrow of sorrows [song: music and words]; The red haired girl [song: music and words]; The gates of dreamland [song: music and words]; The foggy dew [song: music and words]; The thresher [song: music and words]; Dear dark head = Cean dubh deelish [song: music and words]; Pastheen Fionn = An Páistín Fionn [song: music and words]; Farewell my gentle harp [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive

The Irish blackbird songster : containing the dest collection of the newest songs of the day

Sheil's ramble to Lucan [song: words only] (air: Rambling Kitty); The matchless maid of Erin [song: words only] (air: The poor but honest soldier); Biddy Magee [song: words only] (air: Rattlin' rovin' blade); Paddy O'Flynn's honeymoon : written as an enclore to Biddy Magee [song: words only] (air: Rattlin' rovin' blade); The hero of bonny Carlow [song: words only] (air: The green linnet); A dialogue between Daniel O'Connell and Granuaile [song: words only] (air: Dobbin's flowery vale); The flowers of Drogheda [song: words only] (air: Bold Traynor o); My darling ould stick [song: words only]; Young Jemmy the youth I admire [song: words only] (air: The maid of Dunleer); The gem of Gormanstown [song: words only] (air: Maguire's grey mare); The maid of Mullaheather [song: words only] (air: The lass among the heather); Fanny the rose of Tyrone [song: words only] (air: The Duke of York's retreat); The mermaid [song: words only]; Girl of my heart [song: words only]; The true lover's wish [song: words only]
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