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Dublin Ireland: Songs in English
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Irish music and song : a collection of songs in the Irish language, set to music / edited for the Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language by P. W. Joyce

Ode in Praise of the Irish Language [song: music and words] (air: The Princess Royal); Dan-Mholadh na Gaedhilge [song: music and words] (air: Bainphrionnsa Rioghamhuil); 'Be'n Eirinn I [song: music and words]; Eoghan Coir [song: music and words]; Eibhlin a Ruin [song: music and words]; Eileen Aroon [song: music and words]; Eileen A Roon [song: music and words]; An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig? [song: music and words]; Have You Been at Carrick? [song: music and words]; As Truagh gan Peata an Mhaoir Agum [song: music and words]; I Wish the Shepherd's Pet Were Mine [song: music and words]; Rois Geal Dubh, An [song: music and words]; Paistin Fionn [song: music and words]; Fair Young Child, The [song: music and words]; Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor [song: music and words]; Jimmy Moveela Sthore [song: music and words]; Seaghan O Duibhir an Ghleanna [song: music and words]; John O'Dwyer of the Glen [song: music and words]; Dia-Luain, Dia-Mart, agus Dia-Ceadaoin [song: music and words]; Ar Eirinn Ni 'Neosainn Ce hI [song: music and words]; For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name [song: music and words]; Binn Lisin Aerach an Bhrogha [song: music and words]; Melodious Airy Little Fort of Bruff [song: music and words]; Grainne Mhaol [song: music and words]; Fainne Geal an Lae [song: music and words]; Dawning of the Day [song: music and words]; Tighearna Mhaigheo [song: music and words]; Ban-Chnoic Eireann Ogh [song: music and words] (air: Ullachan Dubh O); Fair Hills of Holy Ireland, The [song: music and words]; Ban-Chnoic Eireann Ogh [song: music and words]; A Chuisle Mo Chroidhe Cread I an Ghruaim Sin Ort? [song: music and words]; O, Pulse of My Heart, Why Do You Frown? [song: music and words]; Druimfhionn Donn Dilis [song: music and words]; Drimin Dhown Dheelish [song: music and words]; Moirin Ni Chuillionain [song: music and words]; Moreen O'Cullenan [song: music and words]; Maire Bheil-Atha-hAmhnais [song: music and words] (air: Port Gordon); Mary of Ballyhaunis [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Old Irish folk music and songs : a collection of 842 Irish airs and songs hitherto unpublished / edited with annotations for The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland by P.W. Joyce

Mo Chreach a's Mo Dhiachairt [song: music and words]; My Sorrow and Trouble [song: music and words]; Raisiona Bhl'-a-Hubhla, air; Races of Ballyhooly, The, air; Orangeman, The [song: music and words]; Moran's return, air; So Now Come Away, air; Pilib Ruadh, air; Red Philip, air; Cork and Sweet Munster [song: music and words]; Bouchail Breoighte, An, air; Sick Boy, The, air; Paddy's Green Island, air; Angler, The [song: music and words]; Tom Is Gone to the Fair, hornpipe; Sweet Colleen Rue [song: music and words]; River Roe, The, air; My Sorrow Is Greater Than I Can Tell, air; North of Amerikay, The [song: music and words]; Gadaighe Grana, An [song: music and words]; Ugly Thief, The [song: music and words]; Lightly Tripping, set dance; Gamhuin Geal Ban, An, air; Fair-Haired White-Skinned Calf, The, air; Chalk Sunday, jig; Seanduine Crom, An, air; Stooped Old Man, The, air; Johnny from Gandsey, reel; Piper's Wife, The, air; Wedding Ring, The, air; Lover's Story, The, air; Cherish the ladies, jig; Slan Leat go Brath, air; Farewell for Evermore, air; Silvermines, The, reel; Down with the Tithes (The Widow Well Married), air; Widow Well Married, The, air; Ball at the Hop, The, jig; Machairidhe 's Noininidhe, air; Fields and Daisies, air; Knockfierna, air; Kerry Jig, The; Ye natives of this nation [song: music and words]; My Darling Is on His Way Home, air; Crows Are Coming Home, The, air; Lament for Donoch an Bhaile-Aodha (Donogh of Ballea), air; Billy from Bruff, jig; Tabhair Dham Do Lamh, O, air; Give Me Your Hand, air; Ardlamon, hornpipe; Dwyer's hornpipe; If Any of Those Children of Hunger Shall Cry [song: music and words]; Miss Redmond's Hornpipe; Long Time I Courted You, Miss [song: music and words]; Saddle the pony, air; Pearl of th' Irish Nation, The [song: music and words]; Mo Bhron a's Mo Dhith, air; My Sorrow and My Loss, air; Ding, Dong, Bell [song: music and words]; 'Twas in the End of King James's Street [song: music and words]; Ballinamona Oro [song: music and words]; Nights Past and Gone, The, air; Captain John's Hornpipe; Gaily We Went and Gaily We Came, air; One Evening Fair [song: music and words]; Untitled, air; Pretty Girls of Abbeyfeale, The, air; Young Jenny the pride of our town, jig; Mairghread na Roiste [song: music and words]; Margaret Roche, air; Foggy Dew, The [song: music and words]; Slieve Elva, air; I Bridled My Nag [song: music and words]; New-Mown Meadows, The, reel; Spring Lambs, The, air; Prime's Hornpipe; Flurry Reel, The; Old Jerry Doyle, jig; Down through the Broom, reel; Chorus Jig, The; Roger the weaver, jig; Kitty, Will You Marry Me? [song: music and words]; Greyhound, The, hornpipe; Cois Taoibh a Chuinn, air; Beside the Harbour, air; My fiddle, hornpipe; Cock Your Pistol, Charlie, single jig; Road to Kilmallock, The, air; Walking by Moonlight, air; I rambled once, jig; Glenloe, reel; Banks of Glenoe, The [song: music and words]; Connolly's Ale [song: music and words]; Along the Ocean Shore, air; Buachaillin Donn, An, air; Brown-Haired Boy, The, air; Hurry the jug, set dance; Frost Is All over, The, hornpipe; Fifer's Reel, The; Untitled, reel; Rose of Cloonoe, The, air; Even and Odd, Like Tom With His Hod, air; I'm a Man in Myself Like Oliver's Bull, air; Acushla Gal Machree [song: music and words]; Thou Fair Pulse of My Heart [song: music and words]; All Round My Hat [song: music and words]; Dainty Davy Was a Lad [song: music and words]; Glounthaun Araglin Eeving [song: music and words]; Beautiful Little Vale of Araglin, The [song: music and words]; Rory the Blacksmith from Ireland, air; Queen's County Lasses, The, reel; Ceannuighe Sugach, An [song: music and words]; Jolly Pedlar, The [song: music and words]; Loch na Garr, air; Girl of Knocklong, The, air; Green Wood, The, air; Trip It Along, jig; Mary Lee, jig; Poor Jack Nuna, air; Bouchail Caol Dubh, An, air; Black Slender Boy, The, air; Blacksmith's Hornpipe, The; Rose That the Wind Blew Down, The, air; Cailin Deas Ruadh, An [song: music and words]; Pretty Red Girl, The [song: music and words]; From thee, Eliza, I Must Go, air; Ga Greine, air; Sunbeam, The, air; Enchanted White Duck, The [song: music and words]; Richard's hornpipe; Moirin Ni Chealla [song: music and words]; Moreen O'Kelly [song: music and words]; Pilgrimage to Skellig, The [song: music and words]; Farewell to Peggy, air; Sho-Ho, Lullaby, air; When the Snow and the Frost Are All Over, air; Foxy Mary, air; Unto the East Indies We Were Bound [song: music and words]; There's a Chicken in the Pot [song: music and words]; Then You Shall Be a True Lover of Mine [song: music and words]; I See the Moon [song: music and words]; Shan Van Vocht, The, air; Fraoch a's Aitenn, reel; Heath and Furze, reel; I'll Go Home in the Morning and Carry a Wife from Ross, air; Just in the Height of Her Bloom [song: music and words]; Air Mo Ghabhail Dhom air an mBothar Shligigh, air; As I Walked on the Road to Sligo, air; Lady in the Boat, The, air; Shamrock Reel, The; Clar Bog Del, An, air; Soft Deal Board, The, air; Banks of the Roses, The [song: music and words]; Fairy Dance, The, reel; Joys of Wedlock, The, air; Piper in the Meadows Straying, The, hornpipe; Spla-Foot Nance [song: music and words]; Matchmaker, The, air; Moll Halfpenny, air; Maid of My Choice Is Sweet Kitty Magee, The, air; Strike Up, Ye Lusty Gallants [song: music and words]; How Are You Now, My Maid?, air; Scolding Wife, The [song: music and words]; When My Love Is Near Me, air; King Charles's Jig, set dance; My Love Is Coming Home, air; Green Sleeves, air; Old Philip Armour, air; Field White with Daisies, The, air; Airgead Caillighe, air; Old Woman's Money, The, air; Bay and the Grey, The, jig; A Mhaire 'sa Mhuirnin, air; Mary, My Darling, O, air; My Love Is All the World to Me, air; Do Dhearcas an Speir-Bhean na hAonar na Suidhe, air; I Saw the Bright Lady a-Sitting Alone, air; My Eveleen Gave Me a Secret to Keep, air; Where Are You Going, My Pretty Fair Maid?, O [song: music and words]; Am I the Docter You Wished For to See? [song: music and words]; Cnuicin Ruadh, An, air; Red Little Hill, The, air; Ta Me Sasta le M'Staid, air; I'm Content With My Lot, air; Rockmills Hornpipe; Through the Wild Woods Alone, air; Raven's Nest, The, air; Mo Chailin Donn Deas as Misi Siubhal le Cheile, air; My Pretty Brown-Haired Girl and Myself a-Walking Together, air; Chiefs of Old Times, The, air; Caoin, Keen, Lament, air; Jem the Miller, air; Stail Graoi, An, air; Strong Steed, The, air; My Darling Boy Is Far Away, air; While the Stars Were Bright, air; Come, All Ye Fair Maidens [song: music and words]; Cutting of the Turf, The, air; Dance by the Old Sally Tree, The, air; When I Came to My True Love's Window, air; Fair Girl Making Hay, The, jig; Gold-Haired Maid, The, air; Air Mo Ghabhail Dhom taoibh Bhaile-Atha-Cliath, air; As I Was Walking beside Dublin, air; Mo Stoirin O Mhuscraidhe, air; Mo Storeen from Muskerry, air; Here's a Health to Our Leader, air; Snug Little Girl from Bansha, The, air; Thrush and the Blackbird Are Singing, The, air; Old Rambler, The, air; Areir a Teirighig Sceul Dhom Trem Neulta, air; Last Night a Story Came to Me in My Dreams, air; Farewll to Kinsale, air; Hammer and Tongs, air; Sailing in the Lowlands Low, air; March of the Months, The, air; High-Flier, The, air; He Has Come Back to Erin, air; A Sheadhain, a Bhrathair Ghaoil, air; John, My Cousin, O, air; Cuilfhionn Mhuinte Sheimh, air; Gentle Refined Fair-Haired Girl, The, air; Mary from Blackwater Side, air; Cottage in the Grove, The, reel; A Bhean-a-Tighe, air; Woman of the House, air; Lark in the Blue Summer Sky, The, air; Kerry for Me, air; Una's New Gown, jig; House of Clonelphin, The, jig; Yew Tree, The, air; Is Beag an Tarrthail Gheobhfus Mo Dhrathairin, air; It's Little Protection My Brother Will Get, air; Green Banks of the Maigue, The, air; Areir as Me Ag Macnamh air Bheartaibh an tSaoghail, air; Last Night As I Was Thinking of the Ways of the World, air; Annie O'Brien, air; To Myross Wood I Chanced to Stray, air; Fire on the Mountains, air; Kilkenny Races, air; Untitled, jig; Across the bridge to Connaught, jig; Hibernia's Lovely Jane, air; Magauire's March, The; Irish Minuet, An, air; Convict of Van Diemen's Land, The, air; Newry Mountain [song: music and words]; Drimin Dhu Dheelish [song: music and words]; Ellen's Refusal, air; Katty at Her Wheel, air; Single and Free [song: music and words]; Home across the Ford, air; Flag of Green, air; Tree of Liberty, The, air; Colleen Dhas, The, air; Pretty Girl, The, air; We Are Bold Volunteers, air; Shannon's flowery banks, air; Fair of Dunmore, or the Juice of the Barley, The, air; Juice of the Barley, The, air; Rights of Man, The, hornpipe; Blaris Moor [song: music and words]; Blaris Moor, air; Tragedy, The, air; In Deepest Sorrow I Think of Home, air; Guiry's reel; Old Man He Courted Me, An [song: music and words]; Gipsy Hornpipe, The; My Love Is in the House, reel; Dew on the Grass, The, air; Rakes of Kinsale, The, jig; Castleconnell Lasses, reel; Strawberry Banks, The, reel; Typrid Lasses, The, reel; Carey's dream, reel; Yellow Horse, The, air; When My Old Hat Was New, air; Shamrock, The, air; Connolly's jig; Mrs Martin's Favourite, jig; Furnill's Frolic, slip jig; Follow me down to Carlow, jig; An Bhhean Bhocht, air; Poor Woman, The, air; Carolan's Ramble to Cashel, air; Lemonfield Rangers, The, air; He Thought of the Charmer, air; My Name is Bold Kelly, air; Girl of Bruree, The, air; Felix [song: music and words]; Pound of Tow, The [song: music and words]; Ivy Leaf, The, air; Buailtean Mor, An, air; Heavy Boolthaun, air; My Dear, We'll Get Married If Love Comes On, air; Charming Mary Neill [song: music and words]; Adieu to O'Reilly, air; Barraidh na gCraobh, air; Tops of the Branches, The, air; Keen, Lament, air; Barley Malt, The, air; Thomas Avocka from Ballyneal Cross, air; Garraun Bwee, The, air; Yellow Horse, air; An mBeidhedh Agum Coite na Bad, air; Had I a Cot or a Boat, air; Shanavest and Caravat, The, air; Wheat Is Ready for Reaping Now, air; I Must Be Married If This Is the Way, air; Sios air an Urlar, air; Down on the Floor, air; Caravat Jig, The; Trip We Took over the Mountain, The [song: music and words]; Fear Bocht Scallta, An, air; Scalded Poor Man, The, air; Susa Dubh, An, air; Black Blanket, The, air; Real Irish Toper, The [song: music and words]; Uiscidhe Chroidhe na nAnmann, A h-U, air; Whiskey Heart of Souls, Oh, air; Oro se Do Bheatha Abhaile [song: music and words]; Oro, Welcome Home [song: music and words]; Three Jolly Topers, The, air; Old Irish Quadrille; Banks of Killaloe, The, air; Abhran Buadha, air; Song of Victory, air; There Was a Young Couple, air; This Fair Maid to the Meadow's Gone [song: music and words]; Morning Dew, The, air; She's the Dear Maid to Me [song: music and words]; Barrow Boatman's Song, air; Breestheen Mira, jig; Willie Riley, air; Gallant Hussar, The, air; As I Roved Out on a Mayday Morning, air; Untitled, hornpipe; My Own Dear Colleen Dhas, air; Wexford Rebel, The, air; Tinnehinch Castle, air; Croppy boy, The, air; Devil in Dublin, The, air; Brave Donnelly, air; Brigidh Ni Mhaille, air; Brigid O'Malley, air; Farewell to Lough Conn, air; Cearc agus Coileach a d'Imthigh le Cheile, air; Hen and a Cock Went Out Together, A, air; Ta Dha Uilliam Daibhis Annsan Aitse, air; There are Two William Davis's in This Place, air; Negus for Gentlemen, air; My Own Dear Maid, air; Tigh na gCeillighe a gCloch, air; House of the Kielys on the Cliff, The, air; Paddy Shown More, air; Ship Went Down With All on Board, The, air; John Macananty's Welcome Home, air; Old Sibby, air; Song of the Blackbird, The, air; Sailor Boy, The, air; Valentine O'Hara [song: music and words]; As We Sailed from the Downs [song: music and words]; Down in the Lowlands, air; Didn't You Promise Your Own Sweet Bride I Would Be?, air; Ballindown Braes [song: music and words]; With My Love on the Road, air; Cruel Delany, air; Mantle So Green, The [song: music and words]; My Darling Boy Is Gone, air; Mermaid, The [song: music and words]; My Lovely Irish Boy [song: music and words]; Eliza, or When I Landed in Glasgow [song: music and words]; Ladies Dressed in Their Garments so Green, The, air; Jacket Blue, The [song: music and words]; Rambler, The, air; It Was on a Friday Morning, air; Gipsies Cam to Lord M's Gate, The, air; Breeze from Scotland Will Bring My Love, The, air; Lasses of Donaghadee, The, air; Praise of Prince Charlie, The, air; Waterloo, air; Shearing the sheep, air; While Maureen is Far Away, air; Untitled, slip jig; Cows are a-Milking, The, reel; Burns's Dream, jig; Rakes of Newcastle West, The, jig; Corkick's Hornpipe; Gallagher's Frolic, air; Rosin the Boo, air; Major, The, air; Lady in the Sun, The, air; Pining Maid, The, reel; Lass of Ballintra, The, reel; Lady Carbury, reel; Dunboyne Straw-Plaiters, The, reel; Castle Kelly, reel; Boys of the Lake, The, reel; Eagle's Whistle, The, air; Young Man's Lamentation, The, air; Fuaim na dTonn, air; Sound of the Waves, The, air; Pretty Girl Combing Her Locks, The, air; Cruel Wars, Oh the, air; Moonlight Jig, The; White Calf, The, air; Push the Jug Round, air; Jenny Dwyer, air; Drimin Donn Dilis, air; Dear White-Backed Brown Cow, The, air; Green Linnet, The [song: music and words]; Mackenna's Dream [song: music and words] (air: Captain Rock); Billy Byrne of Ballymanus [song: music and words]; Searching for Young Lambs [song: music and words]; Blackbird, The [song: music and words]; Boyne Water, The [song: music and words]; Bishop Butler of Kilcash [song: music and words]; Brennan on the Moor [song: music and words]; Captain Thompson [song: music and words]; Gardener's Son, The [song: music and words]; Irish Girl, The [song: music and words]; Come With Me, My Irish Girl, Oh [song: music and words]; Sweet Cootehill Town [song: music and words]; Croppy Boy, The [song: music and words]; Handsome Sally [song: music and words]; Rambler from Clare, The [song: music and words]; My Mind it is Uneasy [song: music and words]; Dumb, Dumb, Dumb [song: music and words]; Each Night When I Slumber [song: music and words]; John Macananty's Courtship [song: music and words]; I'm a Poor Stranger and Far from My Own [song: music and words]; Cottage Maid, The [song: music and words]; Colleen Rue, The [song: music and words]; Castlehyde [song: music and words]; Drynaun Dhun, The [song: music and words]; Boys of Mullaghbawn, The [song: music and words]; Dear Irish Boy, The, or The Dear Irish Maid [song: music and words]; Enniskillen Dragoon, The [song: music and words]; Fair Maidens' Beauty Will Soon Fade Away [song: music and words]; Execution Song, or Lamentation (air: Na Mna Deasa Bhaile-Locha Riabhach, The Pretty Lasses of Loughrea) [song: music and words]; Jemmy Mo Veela Sthore [song: music and words]; Jemmy, My Thousand Treasures, song; Drahaareen-O Mochree [song: music and words]; Little Brother of My Heart [song: music and words]; Irish Molly-O [song: music and words]; Lowlands of Holland, The [song: music and words]; Live It Is a Killing Thing, Oh [song: music and words]; Spalpeen's Complaint of the Cranbally Farmer, The [song: music and words]; Ye sons of old Ireland [song: music and words] (air: Noch Baineann Sin Do); Lover's Ghost, The [song: music and words]; Molly Bawn [song: music and words]; Nancy the Pride of the West [song: music and words]; Priest and the Rake, The [song: music and words]; Ploughboy, The [song: music and words]; Nobleman's Wedding, The [song: music and words]; Reynard the Fox [song: music and words]; Shamrock Shore, The, song; Summer is Come and the Grass is Green, The [song: music and words]; Lake of Coolfinn, or Willie Leonard [song: music and words]; Bold Captain Freney [song: music and words]; A Chushla Gal Mochree [song: music and words]; Willie Reilly [song: music and words]; Twas Down in the Meadows [song: music and words]; When First I Came to the County Limerick [song: music and words]; Time is Drawing Nigh, The [song: music and words]; Willie Taylor [song: music and words]; Shule Aroon [song: music and words]; I Wish I Had the Shepherd's Lamb [song: music and words]; Winter It Is Past, or The Curragh of Kildare, The [song: music and words]; Arthur McBride [song: music and words]; Father Murphy of the County Wexford [song: music and words]; Sparainin Airgid, An, air; Little Purse of Money, The, air; Caithteach Chron, An, air; Brown Winnowing Sheet, The, air; Margaret O'Neill, air; Paddy Sean Ban, air; Downfall of O'Reilly, The, air; Humours of Glenflesk, The, jig; Why Should We Quarrel for Riches, air; Miller's Maggot, The, air; Giolla na Dayhie, air; Maire Mhordhalach, air; Haughty Mary, air; Barbara Needham, air; My Jewel My Joy [song: music and words]; My Kathleen Dear, air; Lough Rea, air; Bally Lough Riach, air; Roving Sailore, The, air; Druimin Dubh Dilis, air; Dear Black-Backed Cow, The, air; Branded Cow, The, air; Nine Points of Knavery, The, reel; Michael Ward, or Michael O'Connor, air; A Mhaire Ni Chuillionain, air; My Mary Cullenan, air; Giolla Dubh O'Glamharain, air; Dark-Visaged Lad O'Gloran, air; Bothar Dubh, An, air; Black Road, The, air; Cuan Bhaile Seoin, air; Habour of Ballyshone, The, air; Foggy Morning, The, air; I Will Rise in the Morn by the Dawn of Bright Day, air; Trooper's Wife, The, air; Is Fada Liom Siar an Cruach, air; I Think Croagh Patrick Too Far Away From Me, air; Nelly a Chailin Deas, air; Nelly My Pretty Girl, air; Carraigin an Annsa, air; Little Rock of Affection, The, air; My Native Mountain Home, air; Love-Letter, The, air; Captain Mac Greal of Connemara, air; Lamentation of James Murphy, The, air; Staicin Eorna, An, air; Little Stack of Barley, The, air; Charles McHugh, the Robber, air; Feast of the Birds, The, air; Maid of Garryowen, The, air; If the Grog is Good, We Will Have More of It, air; Make Haste Home to Your Mother, air; Patrick O'Donovan the Piper, air; Nelly Bawn, or The Song of Crossmolina, air; Bring Home the Bride, air; Get Up My Darling and Come With Me, air; Morning Star, The, air; Song of Jenny Ward, The, air; Brigit Geary, air; Lamentation of O'Reilly's Bride, air; It Was on a Fair Calm Morning, air; Oro a dTiucfaidh Tu, air; Oro Will You Come, air; Peggy O'Hara's Wedding, air; Brian Mac Cowall, or Needa Mac Cowall, air; Bogadh Faoi Shusa, slip jig; Cois Aimhne na Leamhna, air; Beside the River Laune, air; Gradh Geal Mochroidhe, air; Fair Love of My Heart, air; Bobbity Dawly, air; Caoine, keen or Lament, air; Groves of Blackpool, The, air; Young Men, If You Go to the Fair, air; Blacksmith and His Son, The, air; My Journey to London, air; Peep o' Day Ranger, The, air; Kerryman's Visit to Dublin, The, air; Blind Beggar of the Glen, The, air; Figheadoir Ban, An, air; Fair-Haired Weaver, The, air; Between Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir, air; One Day in My Rambles, air; Habit Shirt, The, air; Rambling Reaper, The, air; Spailpin Fanach, An, air; Rambling Labourer, The, air; Anna Bhan, air; Fair-Haired Anna, air; I Wish I Was a Fisherman Living on the Hill of Howth, air; Lord King, air; Green Shady Glen, The, air; Nora an Chuil Omair, air; Nora of the Amber Hair, air; Battle of Clontarf, The, air; Kitty O'Neill, air; Red-Haired Mary, air; San Ol, or Ol Dan, air; Drinking Song, air; Beannacht agus Ceud Leis, air; Hundred and One Farewells to Him, A, air; Amhainn Mhor, An, air; Owenmore, The, air; Ma Se Sin Agutsa, air; If You Have That, air; Galty Hunt, The, air; Solomon's Temple, air; Why Do You Leave Me?, air; Outcast Daughter, The, air; James Irwin, air; Shannon Side, air; Falluinn air Fhalluinn, air; Mantle on Mantle, air; Garden Gate, The, air; Down by the Banks of the Sweet Primroses, air; Humours of Ballinaraheen, The, jig; Mason's March, The, air; Larry Grogan, air; Farewell to Spain, air; Old Woman's Hornpipe, The, air; Go Home, Go Home, Dear Cousin, air; Siubhal, a Bhean Dubh-O, air; Come, O Dark-Haired Woman, air; Killiney Maiden, The, air; Farewell, My Old Comrades, air; Cock and the Hen, The, air; Weaver's Daughter from the County Down, The, air; In the County Armagh, air; Hall's Mill, air; Stonecutter's Jig, The; White Horse, The, air; Planxty by Carolan, air; Sir Henry McDermot Roe, air; Harry Munro, air; Coolin Roe, air; Lament, air; Rebel's Farewell, The, air; Paddy's Wedding, air; Glasgow Lasses, The, air; Caoch Eolaighe, An, air; Blind Guide, The, air; Tis the Whiskey That Make's Life's Cares Lie Light on Me, air; Pretty Polly, air; Maureen My Darling, O, air; Banks of the Lagan, The, air; You Gentlemen of England [song: music and words]; Kiss in the Kitchen, A, air; Fairies' Lamentation, The, air; Banks of the Bann, The, air; Third of August, The, air; Peggy Aroon, air; Peggy My Darling, air; Lough Gowna, air; Mailli Ni Maoluain, air; Molly O'Malone, air; Lough Sheeling, air; Leanbh Aimhreidh, An, air; Troubled Child, The, air; Seabhac na hEirne, air; Hawk of Ballyshannon, The, air; Coolin, The, air; Ceannuighe O'n Earna, An, air; Merchant from the Erne, The, air; Boherroe, air; Cailin Ruadh, An, air; Red-Haired Girl, The, air; It Is Not the Time to Go, Boys, air; Sean Bho Mhaol, air; Old Hornless Cow, The, air; Brown Ewe, The, air; In My Father's Pleasant Gardens, air; Weaver's Daughter, The, air; Mourne Shore, air; Muirnin Geal mo Chroidhe, air; Fair Darling of My Heart, air; Een Been Bubbero, air; Ree Ro Raddy-O, air; How Shall I Find Her Home Room?, air; I Wish I Was in Banagher, air; Paddereen Mare, The, air; Banished Defender, The, air; Dan Kelly's Perjulry, air; Rose Ward, air; Roisin Ni Cuirnin, air; Erin My Country, air; Yeomen of Ballinamore, The, air; He That Will Marry Me, air; Sighile Bheag Ni Chonnallain, air; Little Celia O'Connellan, air; Cailin Deas Min, An, air; Handsome Mild Young Girl, The, air; Shall We Ever Be in One Lodging?, air; Oganaigh an Chuil Dualaigh, air; The youth of the curly locks, air; Cavan O'Reilly, air; Ancient Irish Hymn on the Crucifixion, air; Barney Is in Prison, air; Peggy Was Mistress of My Heart, air; Mullach Scrine, air; Hill of Skreen, The, air; Up the Heathery Mountain and through the Rushy Fields, air; We Will Go To Tara's Hill, air; Straddy, The, air; I Am a Real Republican, air; Cradle Will Rock and the Baby Will Fall, The, air; Castle Finn, air; Bird Alone, The, air; Cul Aluinn Mo Chailin Donn, air; Beautiful Head Is My Brown-Haired Girl, air; Molly, You Have a Cunning Smile, air; A Sheumais, a Ghradh, air; Jemmy, My Love, air; Comely Girl both Tall and Straight, The, air; I Wish I Was a Silver Watch That in My Truelove's Pocket I Might Lodge, air; River Linn, The, air; Bunnan Buidhe, An, air; Yellow Bittern, The, air; My Wedding Is Preparing, air; I'm Weary of Walking Alone, air; Lamentation for Father Charles O'Rodican, air; Mo Reulta Eoluidhe, air; My Guiding Star, air; Cuckoo, The, air; I Oft Heard My Grandmother Say, air; Mo Londubh Beag Aoibhinn, air; My Sweet Little Black-Bird, air; Lord Baykim, air; Johnny Peyton, air; Jemmy and Nancy, air; Cul na Lub, air; Head of Curls, air; Nancy Cooper, air; Una a Ruin, air; Winnie Dear, air; Mainister an Bhuill, air; Boyle Abbey, air; Take My Life for His, She Said, air; I Heard a Maid in Bedlam a-Making Sore Complaint, air; Trip with the Roving Shooler, air; Top of Slieve Gullion, The, air; Is Buachaillin Beag Og Me, air; I Am a Young Little Boy, air; Bag of Sundries, The, air; Is Baintreabhach agus Maighdean Me, air; I Am a Widow and a Maid, air; I'll Travel to Mount Nebo, air; Many a Pleasant Hour My Love and I Did Pass, air; Greenwood Lad, The, air; Fallainn a Fuair a Chiorrbhadh, air; Cloak That Got Its Combing, air; Glaisin Og na gCraobh, air; Little Grey Mare of the Branches, The, air; Dolphin, The, air; Mild O'Reilly, air; Darling, Don't Refuse Me, air; At Cloone Church Gate the Fight Began, air; Pretty Polly Like a Trooper Did Ride, air; He Left the Poor Widows a-Weeping, air; Wexford Tragedy, The, air; What Shall I Do?, My Love is Going to Wed, air; Bold Val O'Hara, The, air; Peely Cuit Ban, air; Long White Cat, The, air; Donocha Ban, air; Fair-Haired Denis, air; Ochone-O, Caoine, or Keen, air; Search the World Round, air; Fead an iolair, air; Leaves so Green, The, air; Dun do Shuile, air; Close Your Eyes, air; Lay Me In Killarney, O, air; Cape Clear, air; Plough Tune, air; Caoine, Keen or Ullagone, air; Nurse's Lullaby, A, air; Canal Boat, The, air; All Alone, air; Lark in the Morning, The, air; Kitty Alone, air; Cuisle Mo Chroidhe, air; Cushla Machree, air; Pulse of My Heart, air; What Shall I Do If He Leaves Me, air; My Love She Is Living in Donegal Town, air; Erin, My Country, Oh, air; Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded, air; My Name It Is Munhall, air; Air Bhruach na Carraige Baine, air; On the Brink of the White Rock, air; Killarney, Lovely Lake, air; Paddy's Waltz, air; Molly Hewson, My Jewel, air; Gammaho, The, jig; Molly Maguire, air; Peggy's Wedding, air; Keshcorran, air; Una Aruin, air; Dear Oona, air; Dear Winnie, air; Humours of Winnington, The, air; Pice an tSugra, air; Pleasant Peak or Hill, The, air; Cailin Ruadh, An, air; Red-Haired Girl, air; Youghal harbour, air; Irish Hunting Song, air; Plough Whistle, air; Giolla Gruamach, An, air; Sullen Boy, The, air; Cupan Ui hEaghra, air; O'Hara's Cup, air; There's Whiskey in the Jar, air; Bean an Tabhairne, air; Landlady of the Tavern, The, air; Vale of Coloun, The, air; Flower of the Vale, The, air; Gradh Mo Chroidhe do Shean Wig, air; Your Old Wig is the Love of My Heart, air; Mother's Lamentation, The, air; Beer and Ale and Brandy, air; It Is Not Day, No, Nor Morning, air; Poc ar Buille, air; Mad Buckgoat, The, air; Leading of the Star, The, air; Lament for the Dead, air; My Dear Judy, Oh, air; Baaltigh Abhran, air; Baltyoran, air; Cock Up Your Chin, Billy, air; Gluigir a Mhaidir, air; Splashing of the Churn, The, air; Night of the Fun, The, air; Cat's Bagpipes, The, air; Rousing of the Drink, The, air; Funny Eyes, air; Friar's Farewell to the Reek, The, air; Punch for Ladies, air; Cailin Deas Modhamhuil, An, air; Mild Pretty Girl, The, air; Carolan's Cap, air; Sailchuach, An, air; Violet, The, air; In Came the Miller, air; Irish cry, air; Cailin Donn, An, air; Brown-Haired Girl, The, air; Sean Bhean Chrion an Dreanntain, air; Withered Growling Old Woman, air; Willie Winkie, air; If I Were Near the Pea-Field, air; I Prefer My Pea-Flower, air; Woody Hill, The, air; Pretty Green Banks of Cavan, The, air; Siar Cois Chuain Dom, air; As I Was By the Bay Westwards, air; Ceannuidhe Sugach, An, air; Jolly Pedlar, The, air; Gamhna Geala, Na, air; White Calves, The, air; Whip Her and Gird Her, air; Sheep-Shearers, The, air; Next Oars, air; Nobe's Maggot, air; Erin's groves, reel; Welcome Home from Newfoundland, air; Joy to Great Caesar, air; We All Take a Sup in Our Turn, air; Charming Molly, air; Pretty Lass, The, air; Ormond's Lament, air; Beggarman, The, air; Mary Donlevy, air; Castle Oliver Chase, air; Fialaidh agus Maith, air; Generous and Good, air; I'll Go Home and Tell My Mother, air; Wash Your Face, air; Croidhe Mhumhan, air; Heart of Munster, The, air; Sighile Ni Ghadhra, air; Sheela Nee Guira, air; Teige's Rambles, air; Jenny Ward, air; Condae Mhaigheo, air; County Mayo, The, air; Tighearnach, air; Tierna, air; Pearla an Bhrollaigh Bhain, air; Pearl of the White Breast, The, air; Reult na Maidne, air; Coige Mhumhan, air; Province of Munster, The, air; Ingin Langley a Lios na mBroc, air; Langley's Daughter of Lisnabrock, air; Grasach Abu, air; Maire a Ruin, air; May My Dear, air; Father Frank of Gorey, air; Sara Buidhe, air; Yellow Sara, air; Diarmuid Bacach, air; Lame Dermot, air; Uilin, air; Death of My Pony, The, air; Maire Muilleoir, air; Mary the Miller, air; Ta Mo Chroidhe Chomh Chiar Dubh le hAirne, air; My Heart is as Black as a Sloe, air; Si Blath Geal na Smeur, air; She is the Blackberry's Fair Blossom, air; Fallainnin Mhuimhneach, An, air; Little Munster Mantle, The, air; Bouchaillin Fir Oig, An, air; Young Boy, The, air; Hard-Hearted Widow, The, air; Scottish Lovers, The, air; Scornach na Wallige, air; My Darling Peggy White, air; Owen Roe O'Neill, air; Owen O'Neill's March; Dawning of the Day, The, air; Donall Bran, air; Bishop's Song, The, air; Biddy Rowan, air; Si Mo Ghaol a Lar Dhonn, air; Star of Munster, The, reel; Bullan Mor, An, air; Big Ox, The, air; Cow Behind the Hay-Cock, The, air; Star, The, air; Hen and Chickens, air; Old Ireland, Rejoice, air; Sprite, The, air; Bodaigh an Bheurla, air; English Churls, The, air; Lord Rossmore's Tallyho in the Morning, air; I'll Make You Fain to Follow Me, air; Hunting the hare, air; Humours of Currageen, The, air; Cherry Grove Jig, air; Narry the Piper, air; Throw the Old Woman over the House, air; Sweet Kathleen Machree, air; Birthday, The, air; Mary O'Hara, air; Carrickmacross, air; Galway Town, air; Inghin an Fhaoit On nGleann, air; White's Daughter from the Glen, air; Nobody Cares for Me, air; Nurse Tune, air; Cois Abhann, air; Beside the River, air; Where Were You All the Day, My Own Pretty Boy [song: music and words]; Old Irish Melody, air; Blind Mary, air; Kathleen Asthore, air; John MacDermot, air; Mother's Grief, The, air; Tis a Pity to See, air; Twisting of the Rope, The, air; Longest Day, The, air; Planxty Reynolds, air; Oak Stick, The, air; Bang Up, air; Roger MacMun, air; Tumble the Jug, air; Gile Mochroidhe, air; Brightness of My Heart, air; Housemaid Jig, The; Fare Thee Well, Sweet Killaloe, air

Irish Traditional Music Archive

The Irish blackbird songster : containing the dest collection of the newest songs of the day

Sheil's ramble to Lucan [song: words only] (air: Rambling Kitty); The matchless maid of Erin [song: words only] (air: The poor but honest soldier); Biddy Magee [song: words only] (air: Rattlin' rovin' blade); Paddy O'Flynn's honeymoon : written as an enclore to Biddy Magee [song: words only] (air: Rattlin' rovin' blade); The hero of bonny Carlow [song: words only] (air: The green linnet); A dialogue between Daniel O'Connell and Granuaile [song: words only] (air: Dobbin's flowery vale); The flowers of Drogheda [song: words only] (air: Bold Traynor o); My darling ould stick [song: words only]; Young Jemmy the youth I admire [song: words only] (air: The maid of Dunleer); The gem of Gormanstown [song: words only] (air: Maguire's grey mare); The maid of Mullaheather [song: words only] (air: The lass among the heather); Fanny the rose of Tyrone [song: words only] (air: The Duke of York's retreat); The mermaid [song: words only]; Girl of my heart [song: words only]; The true lover's wish [song: words only]