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18th International Folksong and Ballad Seminar, Inishowen, 2007. Lecture: The Prince of the Gael is abroad [sound recording] / Tom Munnelly

Munnelly, Tom, speech in English A1-7

Running Order:
1. Speech: Introduction
2. Speech: 'The prince of the Gael is abroad' lecture with pre-recorded musical examples
3. Speech: [lecture continued]
4. Speech: [lecture continued]
5. Speech: [lecture continued]
6. Speech: [lecture continued]
7. Speech: [lecture continued]

Aidan O'Hara Collection. Cassette 21 [sound recording] / [various performers]

* Performers:
Unidentified performers, speech in English A1, 6–7;
singing in English A1;
McLaughlin, George 'Grainne', Donegal, speech in English A2–3, 9–13, singing in English A3, 8, 13;
Unidentified performers, speech in English throughout;
Unidentified performer [described by A O'H as 'Scot?'], singing in English A4;
McClure, Micky, Donegal, singing in English A5;
Duffy, Paddy, Donegal, singing in English A6–7, speech in English A10

Running Order:
1. Speech [Off-air dub of radio program; information from A O'H: 'BBC N.I. Radio comedy programme from early 1970s. Poor quality sound'] / Unidentified performers, speech in English, singing in English, guitar
2. Speech [Stories and jokes; information from A O'H: 'General chat and joking. George tells some monkey jokes, e.g. 'Time flies said the monkey when he flung the clock out the window.' And, 'The train went over the monkey's tail. It won't be long now, he said.'] / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, speech in English ; Unidentified speaker
3. When you and I were young [Information from A O'H: 'George sings Maggie'], song / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, singing in English
4. The road and the miles to Dundee, song / Unidentified performer [Scott?], singing in English
5. The bold Robert Emmet (unfinished) [Information from A O'H: 'Micky McClure sings a Robert Emmet song to the air of 'The streets of Laredo' or 'The bold Phelim Brady'], song / Micky McClure, singing in English [END OF BAND ONE]
6. It was in the month of September [Information from A O'H: 'Paddy Duffy sings a song about a great ball'], song / Paddy Duffy, singing in English
7. Untitled [Information from A O'H: 'Paddy Duffy sings a comic song by local songwriter, Pat Lynch, to the air of 'If I Were a Blackbird'], song ; Speech [composer of the songs] / Paddy Duffy, singing in English
8. The blazing star of Drung [Information from A O'H: George sings local song, 'The Blazing Star of Drung'; A O'H also supplies the information 'ITMA Reference Number: 175-ITMA-MP3'], song / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, singing in English
9. Speech [Information from A O'H: George tells the comic story of the priest, the boy who didn't go to school and his mother who lived in an out-of-the-way place'] / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, speech in English
10. Speech [Information from A O'H: Paddy Duffy says some lines from the Christmas Rhymers play that were given a local treatment by Pat Lynch. The same thing in another local parody of the recitation 'The Cremation of Sam Magee'. George also says some lines from the Christmas Rhymers'] / Paddy Duffy, speech in English
11. Speech [Story about being hired out to work on farms; information from A O'H: George talks about the hiring fairs and how he was 'hired a slave'] / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, speech in English
12. Speech [Continuation of the topic in previous track; talk about being hiring out to work on farms around Carndonagh] / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, speech in English
13. Poll and Nancy Hogan [Information from A O'H: 'George sings most unusual song about the sisters, Poll and Nancy Hogan and their pig. Note from : NANCY HOGAN'S PIG - In Clahamon/Derry Town there dwelt 2 maids - Palci Grey & NH Ch: Tral-la - bought two pigs, cut off their tails, P died Saturday night & N on Sunday, buried on Monday - ROUD#1130 0- Alfred WILLIAMS Ms #576 - Darley McCall 72 & 79 - PALMER SOM 1972 Birmingham & Midland Folk Centre: P Murphy, Brownhills, Staffordsh 1967 Poll & Nancy Hogan -- Sean O TUAM rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow: FOLKWAYS Field Trip: Ireland 1960/ OSSIAN OSS-15 1989 CASS-0797/ DAT - Mary O HARA: DECCA ML-O22 1967 Two maids of Derry Town, Poll & Nancy Hogan, box & fight from morn till night. See also : Songs of the People, Vol. 1 Dick Flynn
* Format: MP3 Download'], song / George ‘Grainne’ McLaughlin, singing in English [END OF BAND TWO]

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