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United States of America: Vocal Music

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United States of America: Vocal Music

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United States of America: Vocal Music

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CD dub of album Songs of the Travelling People [sound recording] / [various performers]

Penfold, Janet, singing in English A1;
Stewart, Davie, singing in English A2, 7, 21, 26;
Barry, Margaret, singing in English A3, 11, 17;
Stewart, Belle, lilting A19;
singing in English A4, 19;
McBeath, Jimmy, singing in English A5, 24;
Smith, Phoebe, singing in English A8, 13, 15;
Kelby, Willie, mouth organ A9;
McPhee, Duncan, singing in English A10;
Robertson, Jeannie, singing in English A12, 18, 25;
O'Connor, Frank, dancing, lilting, mouth organ A14;
Doran, Paddy, singing in English A16;
Brasil, Angela, singing in English A20;
Hughes, Carolyne, lilting A22;
singing in English A22;
Lindsay, Charlie, accordion A22;
Stewart, Kathie, singing in English A23;
Stewart, Donald, accordion A26;
Stewart, Albert, fiddle A26

Running Order:
1. 1. Song: Won't You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender?
2. 2. Song: Come A' Ye Tramps an' Hawkers
3. 3. Song: The Blarney Stone
4. 4. Song: The Berryfields of Blair
5. 5. Song: The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
6. 6. Song: The Choring Song
7. 7. Song: The Beggar Wench
8. 8. Song: A Blacksmith Courted Me
9. 9. Airs: Barnyards o' Delgaty, Gin I Were Where the Gadie Rins
10. 10. Song: On the Bonny Banks o' the Roses
11. 11. Song: The Bard of Armagh
12. 12. Songs: The Dandling Song, Bonny Lassi-O, Cuckoo's Nest
13. 13. Song: I Am a Romany
14. 14. Hornpipes: Devonshire Time, Untitled, Untiled
15. 15. Song: Higher Germany = High Germany
16. 16. Song: The Little Beggarman; Reel: The Red-Haired Boy
17. 17. Song: Kathleen
18. 18. Song: The Lady o' the Dainty Doon-By
19. 19. Jig: The Tenpenny Bit; Song: She Moves through the Fair 9Our Wedding Day)
20. 20. Song: The Smuggler's Boy
21. 21. Song: Aul' Jockey Bruce o' the Fornet
22. 22. Reel: Tuning up; Songs: Paddies Lay down, Mandi Went to Poove the Grys (I Went ot Put the Horses in the Field); March: The Leaving of Glen Urquhart
23. 23. Song: Twa Heids Are Better than Yin (Two Heads Are Better than One)
24. 24. Song: The Moss o' Burreldale; March: The Gay Gordons
25. 25. Song; The Overgate
26. 26. Reel: Macpherson's Rant; Song: Macpherson's Lament

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