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Breandán Breathnach Collection. Reel-to-Reel 326 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Mac Mathuna, Ciaran, Limerick / Dublin, speech in English throughout;
Redican, Larry, New York, speech in English A1;
fiddle in duet A1;
McGann, Andy, New York, fiddle in duet A1;
Field, Paddy, Tipperary, concertina solo A2–6;
speech in English A3;
Keane, James, Dublin / New York, accordion in duet A7–11;
speech in English A9–11;
McKiernan, Jim, Leitrim, speech in English A12;
fiddle solo A12, 16;
fiddle in duet A15;
McHugh, Bernie, Leitrim, speech in English A13;
mouth organ solo A13;
Rahill, Jim, Leitrim, fiddle solo A14;
speech in English A15?;
fiddle in duet A15;
Partially identified performer [Fitzgerald, P, Leitrim?], fiddle in instrumental group A17;
Unidentified performers, instrumental group A17;
Strange, N, speech in English A18;
banjo mandolin solo A18;
Reilly, Frank, speech in English A19;
fiddle solo A19;
Reilly, Michael, accordion in duet A20;
Unidentified performer(s), fiddle in duet A20, B9;
Mulkere, Jack, Clare, fiddle in duet A21;
Preston, Michael, Clare, flute in duet A21;
Canny, Paddy, Clare, fiddle solo A22–24;
Shannon Star Ceili Band, The, instrumental group A25;
McCarthy, Gerry, Kerry / Manchester / New York, fiddle in duet A26;
fiddle solo B10–12;
Murphy, Denis, Kerry, fiddle in duet A27–28, B20;
fiddle solo A31, B13–18, 21;
speech in English throughout B13–20;
Cooley, Seamus, Galway, flute solo A29–30, 32;
speech in English A30;
McMahon, Bobbie / Robbie, Clare, lilting solo A33;
O'Keeffe, Padraig / O'Keefe, Padraig, Kerry, fiddle solo B1–8;
Ray, J, accordion solo B9;
Unidentified performer, mouth organ in duet B20

Running Order:
1. Speech, Reels: Untitled, The Providence [CICD 4023 (from this recording)], The Belles of Tipperary [CICD 3599 (from this recording)] [This track was recorded on 30 April 1962]
2. Polka: Untitled [CICD 6341 (from this recording?)]
3. Speech, Polka: Untitled, Untitled [CICD 6441 (from this recording)]
4. Polka: The Humours of Whiskey [CICD 6473 (from this recording); My Love Is but a Lassie]
5. Jig: Rory O'Moore
6. Reel: The Dublin Reel
7. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Untitled [Thady Casey's Fancy], Untitled [Lady Gordon], Untitled [Mary MacMahon]
8. Reel: The Limestone Rock, Untitled [The Humours of Loughrea]
9. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Spike Island Lasses, The Sailor on the Rock
10. Speech, Jigs: Untitled, Untitled [Father Tom's Wager], The Frieze Breeches [Do You Want Any More?; same melody as The Collier's Reel]
11. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Untitled [The Roscommon Reel], The College Grove [Sudden dip in sound level during this tune]
12. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Hobble the Botches, Peeping through the Keyhole / Faral O'Gara
13. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Plough and the Stars
14. Reel: The Reconciliation Reel [CICD 3506 (from this recording); 3433 (from ms possibly transcribed from this recording)]
15. Speech, Reels: Untitled, The Cloone Reel [The Humours of Toonagh], The Aughavas Reel [CICD 5530 (for which this recording is a partial source); CRE 5, # 145]
16. Speech, Reels: Drowsy Maggie, The Ranting Widow [The Tap Room]
17. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Untitled [The Morning Mist; composed by Paddy Kelly's?], Untitled [I'm Waiting for You] [Performers on this track are listed by BB as 'Fitz et al']
18. Speech, Reels: Eleanor Kane's Reel [The Providence], The Leinster Ladies [Anderson's Reel]
19. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Gregg's Pipes [The Leitrim version of The Bucks of Oranmore; performer is identified by BB as a blacksmith]
20. Speech, Jigs: Untitled, The House in the Glen [CICD 1352, 1353 & 1354 (none from this recording; 1352 provides title)], Untitled (incomplete)
21. Speech, Polka: Untitled [Information about this track; recording was made in Crusheen, Co Clare in 1955], The Mountain Pathway
22. Speech, Reels: Untitled [Information about the next 3 tracks; they were recorded in Crusheen, Co Clare, January 1955], Sporting Nell, Ballinasloe Fair
23. Jigs: The Luckpenny, The Cherry Tree [The Humours of Ennistymon; Coppers and Brass]
24. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo Hornpipe
25. Jig: Father Hanley's Jig [CICD 2499 (partly from this recording); The Rambler]
26. Jigs: The Housekeeper [For another version, see track B4], Cailleach an Airgid [The Hag with the Money]
27. Reels: Untitled [CICD 3036 (from this recording); Tom Billy's; The New Post Office (CRE 5, # 146); The Gleanntan Reel], The Cameronian [CICD 5372 (from this recording)] [This track was recorded on 11 June 1957]
28. Jigs: The Unfortunate Rake [Apples in Winter], Untitled [CICD 749 (from this recording); The Munster Jig]
29. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Earl's Chair
30. Speech, Jigs: Untitled, The Cockadoon Man, Sean Ryan's [The Killimor; composed by Sean Ryan]
31. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Shaskeen Reel
32. Hornpipes: Untitled [CICD 6057 (from this recording); Joe Cooley's Hornpipe; composed by Paddy O'Brien], The Friendly Visit [CICD 6126 (from this recording)
33. Reel: The Mason's Apron [END OF BAND ONE]
34. Hornpipe: Fisher's Hornpipe [CICD 6092–6093 (from this recording); 6092 gives date of recording as 3 November 1960; for another version, see track B14]
35. Air: Cath Cheim an Fhia
36. Reels: Untitled [The Game of Love; The Girls of Farranfore], The Bucks of Oranmore
37. Jigs: Untitled [The Housekeeper; for another version, see track A26], The Rambling Pitchfork
38. Slides: Untitled [Merrily Kiss the Quaker], Mickeen Dawley's [CICD 2169 (not from this recording)], Untitled [The Dark Girl in Blue; Denis Murphy's Slide], Mickeen Dawley's [Repeat of the second tune in this selection]
39. Reel: The New-Mown Meadows [CICD 2725–2726 (not from this recording?); Joe Mhaire Mhicilin], The Flowing Bowl [CICD 5748 (not from this recording); The Piper's Despair, version of]
40. Jig: Tell Her I Am
41. Air: Untitled [The Wounded Hussar]
42. Reels: The Road to Poulaphouca / Mulhaire's no. 4 [CICD 3334 (partly from this recording); Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band; composed by Martin Mulhaire; CRE 5, # 129], The Copperplate
43. Polkas: Untitled [Egan's; Peg Ryan's], Untitled [Peggy Ryan's Fancy; The Murroe], Untitled [CICD 6353 (from this recording); Denis Doody's], Untitled [CICD 6286 & 6287 (both from this recording); The Knocknaboul Polka] [Order of the tunes in this selection is 1,2,1,2,3,4]
44. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Lad among the Spriggers / The Steeplechase [CICD 5045 (from ms; transcribed possibly from this recording; gives reference to secondary source where Denis Murphy is the performer) and 5313 (not from this recording)]
45. March / Jig: O'Sullivan's March / Painneach na nUbh
46. Speech, Jigs: Untitled, The Munster Buttermilk / The Sports of Multyfarnham, The Munster Jig
47. Speech, Hornpipe: Untitled, The Fisherman's Hornpipe [CICD 6091 (not from this recording); Fisher's Hornpipe; for another version, see track B1]
48. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Sheila's Fancy [CICD 4460 (not from this recording); The Monsignor's Blessing (related tune)]
49. Speech, Hornpipe: Untitled, Walsh's Hornpipe [CICD 6119 (from this recording; recording date given as August 1966) and 6120 (where this recording is given as a secondary source)]
50. Air: Untitled [Sweet Kingwilliamstown]
51. Air: Staker Wallace [Caoine Ui Dhomhnaill / The Lament for O'Donnell]
52. Slides, Speech: The Rathawaun [CICD 1743 (not from this recording], The Hare in the Corn [CICD 1450 (not from this recording], Untitled
53. Speech, Polkas: Untitled, Untitled [The Knocknaboul Polka # 2], Untitled [The Knocknaboul Polka # 1]
54. Slide: Untitled [Danny Ab's; played for dancing] [END OF BAND TWO]

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