Tangaveane, Glenties, Co. Donegal



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Tangaveane, Glenties, Co. Donegal

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Tangaveane, Glenties, Co. Donegal

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Tangaveane, Glenties, Co. Donegal

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Donegal fiddle music, 2005. CD 2 [sound recording] / Vincent Campbell

Campbell, Vincent, fiddle;
speech in English;
[unidentified performer];
speech in English

Running Order:
1. Reel: The wild Irishman
2. Reel: The pigeon on the gate
3. Reel: Bean a' tí
4. Reel: Farrell O'Gara
5. Speech: Speech about Michael Coleman
6. Mazurka: [unidentified]
7. Mazurka: [unidentified]
8. [The Lancers]
9. Speech; Instrumental piece: Story about Tuam na farraige; Tuam na Farraige
10. Reel: The gravel walks
11. Reel: Jackson' reel
12. Reel: Gweebara Bridge
13. Reel: Stormy weather
14. Reel: The merry sisters
15. Reel: The nine points of rougery [Tin fiddle made by Mickey Simie Doherty]
16. Speech; Instrumental piece: [unidentified]
17. Instrumental piece: [previous unidentified tune repeated]
18. [Instrumental piece: Seán McLaughlan's]
19. Speech; Hornpipe: Introduction to John Mosie's hornpipe; John Mosie's hornpipe
20. Speech; Hornpipe: Introduction to The harvest home; The harvest home
21. Slip jig: Mickey Doherty's
22. [Merrily kiss the quaker's wife]
23. Introduction; Reel: Introduction to The silver spire; The silver spire
24. Introduction; Reel: Introduction to The glen road to Carrick; The glen road to Carrick
25. Enniskillen dragoons [bagpipes]
26. The wind that shakes the barley [bagpipes]
27. Highland: The cat that kittled in Jamie's wig
28. Speech; Reel: Introduction; Cathal Rua
29. Speech; Reel: Introduction; Moll an Tiarna
30. Lament: [Caoineadh ?]
31. Reel: The ship that leaves the harbour tomorrow
32. Jig: Paddy Owen's jig
33. Jig: The shores of the lake
34. Speech; Hornpipe: Vincent Campbell gives an ntroduction to his own composition; The purple heather
35. Speech; Highland: Introduction; The Irish highland
36. Reel: The flowers of Edinburgh
37. Reel: The green mountain
38. Speech: John Doherty's tool kit
39. Reel: My love is in America

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