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Breandán Breathnach Collection. Reel-to-Reel 330 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Mac Mathuna, Ciaran, Limerick / Dublin, speech in English and Irish intermittently throughout;
Keogh, Dan, Tipperary, concertina solo A1;
Scallon? Scully?, Peter, Shetland, fiddle solo A3, 6;
fiddle in duet A4–5;
Scannon? Scully?, Jimmy, Shetland, fiddle in duet A4–5;
Mac Gill-Eain, Calum, Scotland, speech in English A7;
Cronin, Hannah, Kerry, singing in English A8–9;
O'Keeffe, Padraig / O'Keefe, Padraig,, Kerry, fiddle solo A10, 15–19;
Murphy, Denis, Kerry, fiddle solo A11–13;
fiddle in duet A14;
O'Leary, Johnny, Kerry, accordion in duet A14;
O'Dwyer, John, fiddle solo A20;
Unidentified performer, accordion solo A21;
Unidentified performers, instrumental group A22;
O Murchu, Sean, Galway / Dublin, speech in English A22, B1;
McGuire, Seamus, Sligo, fiddle in duet B1;
Kelly, John, Clare / Dublin, fiddle in duet B2;
concertina in duet B3;
concertina solo B4;
Ryan, Joe, Clare, fiddle in duet B2–3;
Casey, Bobby, Clare / London, fiddle solo B5–10, 11–13?;
speech in English B5, 7;
Unidentified performer, lilting solo B14;
Russell, Micho, Clare, flute solo B15;
whistle solo B16;
Unidentified performer, concertina solo B17–18

Running Order:
1. Speech, Polka: Untitled [Information about the tune that follows; it was recorded in Cappawhite, Co Tipperary in December 1955], Untitled [Micho Russell used to sing a comic song to this melody]
2. Speech: Untitled [Introduction to the music and speech on tracks A3–7, consisting of fiddle music from Shetland and information about it]
3. Dance Tune: Kail and Knockit Corn
4. Speech, Dance Tune: Untitled, The Merry Boys of Greenland
5. Speech, Dance Tune: Untitled, The Mason's Apron
6. Speech, Dance Tune: Untitled, Arrasdale [Stated to be similar to Cornphiopa na Mairnealach (The Sailor's Hornpipe); stated to have been composed by the performer]
7. Speech: Untitled [Information about the Shetland music just played; the performers were father (Jimmy) and son (Peter) Scully; the version of the performers' surname given here does not seem to match with that given in earlier speech links]
8. Speech, Song: Untitled [Information about the next performer and the song she sings], Two and Three Strings to my Bow (incomplete)
9. Song: The Ploughboy (incomplete)
10. Speech, Air: Untitled, The Blackbird
11. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Untitled [Stated to be an old reel that derives from the performer's father; Anything for John Joe?; The Lisheen Reel; Did the Rum Do, Da?]
12. Speech, Jig: Untitled, The Lark in the Bog / The Geese in the Bog [The Lark's March]
13. Speech, Polka: Untitled, The Green Cottage Polka
14. Speech, Slide: Untitled, I'd Rather be Married than Left Alone
15. Speech, Air: Untitled, An Buachaillin Ban [The Dear Irish Boy]
16. Speech, Air: Untitled, O'Rahilly's Grave
17. Speech, Slides: Untitled, Untitled [Mickeen Dawley's], Untitled [If I Had a Wife]
18. Speech, Hornpipe: Untitled, The Woods of Kilkenny
19. Reel: The New-Mown Meadow [Joe Mhaire Mhicilin]
20. Speech, Jig: Untitled [Information about the last tune played and about the tune that follows], Untitled
21. Jig: Untitled
22. Reel, Speech: Untitled [Grandpa Tommy's Ceili Band; composed by Martin Mulhaire], Untitled (incomplete) [Radio announcement] [END OF BAND ONE]
23. Speech, Reels: Untitled [Radio announcement], The First Month of Summer, The Green Banks of Rossbeigh [The Green Fields of Rossbeigh]
24. Set Dances: Bonaparte's Retreat, The Ace and Deuce of Piping
25. Reels: Untitled [Reference given in documentation to this tune's appearance in print (The Smiles and Tears of Erin, in CRE, # 101); The Crooked Road to Dublin], Nellie Donovan [The Ladies Pantalettes] [This selection was recorded by Michael Coleman and J P (Pakie) Dolan, fiddles, on 78rpm commercial disc as 'The Duke of Leinster and His Wife']
26. Hornpipe: Untitled [Fisher's Hornpipe]
27. Reel: Untitled [Sporting Nell; Gorman's Reel; The Long Strand; for other performances of this tune, see tracks B6 &17]
28. Speech, Reels: Untitled, The Long Strand [Sporting Nell; Gorman's Reel; for other performances of this tune, see tracks B5 &17], The Beauty Spot
29. Speech, Hornpipes: Untitled, Scully's Hornpipe, Untitled [Murphy's Hornpipe; for another performance of this tune, see track B11a]
30. Speech, Jig: Untitled, Untitled [Bobby Casey's Jig; Scully Casey's Jig; CRE 3, # 16], Coppers and Brass [The Humours of Ennistymon]
31. Reels: Untitled [Dwyer's Reel; Finbarr Dwyer's Reel; The Holly Bush; Matt the Thresher; composed by Finbarr Dwyer], Untitled [The Dogs among the Bushes]
32. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Untitled [Rakish Paddy; 4-part version as recorded on 78rmp disc by James Morrison, fiddle; for another performance of this version, see track B13a]
33. Hornpipes: Untitled [Murphy's Hornpipe; for another performance of this tune, see track B7b], Untitled [The Derry Hornpipe / The Londonderry Hornpipe; faded out at end]
34. Jigs: Untitled [The Rambling Pitchfork], Untitled [Jimmy O'Brien's Jig]
35. Reels: Untitled [Rakish Paddy; 4-part version as recorded on 78rmp disc by James Morrison, fiddle; for another performance of this version, see track B10], Untitled [The Wheels of the World; faded out]
36. Jig: Untitled [The Piper's Chair]
37. Jig: Untitled [Donal na Greine]
38. Reel: Untitled [Boil the Breakfast Early]
39. Reel: Untitled [Gorman's; Sporting Nell; The Long Strand; for other performances of this tune, see tracks B5 & 6]
40. Jig: Untitled (tape runs out) [END OF BAND TWO]

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