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Ireland: Singing in English

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Ireland: Singing in English

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Ireland: Singing in English

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Breandán Breathnach Collection. Reel-to-Reel 329 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Unidentified performer(s), accordion solo A1–2, B10, 12;
accordion in duet A5–6, 31, B11–12, 18;
Mac Mathuna, Ciaran, Limerick / Dublin, speech in English and Irish intermittently throughout;
Lyons, Paddy, Tipperary, mouth organ solo A3–4;
Ardellis Ceili Band, The, instrumental group A7–8;
Doherty, John, Donegal, fiddle solo A9–11, 12?;
Unidentified performer, concertina solo A13;
Unidentified performer(s), fiddle solo A14–15, 17, 23, 35–36, B8, 14;
fiddles in duet B9;
fiddle in duet B11–12;
Murphy, Denis, Kerry, fiddle in duet A16, 30, B1?;
fiddle solo A26;
fiddle in trio A28–29, 38?;
Unidentified performer [O'Keeffe, Padraig / O'Keefe, Padraig, Kerry?], fiddle in duet A16;
McHugh, Frances, Galway / Donegal, singing in English A18;
Unidentified performer, singing in Irish A19;
Unidentified performer [Droney, Jim, Clare], concertina in duet A20–21;
Unidentified performer [Droney, Chris, Clare], concertina in duet A20–21;
Unidentified performer(s), concertina solo A24, 37;
Foley, Paddy Willie, whistle solo A22;
McGann, Andy, New York, fiddle in trio A25;
Reynolds, Paddy, Longford / New York, fiddle in trio A25;
O'Sullivan, Con, Kerry, fiddle in trio A28, 38?;
Cronin, Dan, Kerry, recorder in trio A28–29, 38?;
O'Keeffe, Padraig / O'Keefe, Padraig, Kerry, fiddle in trio A29;
fiddle in duet A30?, B1?;
Burke, Joe, Galway, accordion in trio A32, 34;
Collins, Kathleen, New York / Galway, fiddle in trio A32, 34;
Unidentified performers, instrumental group [Kilfenora Ceili Band, The, Clare?], B2–4, 6–7;
Tierney, Gus, Clare, fiddle in duet B5;
Unidentified performer, speech in English B15–16;
Moloney, flute solo B15, 16?;
Unidentified performer, speech in English B17;
whistle solo B17;
Unidentified performer, flute in duet B18;
Canny, Paddy, Clare, fiddle solo B19–21;
Maguire, Johnny, Cavan, speech in English intermittently throughout B23–35;
whistle solo B23, 25–30, 32–35;
Unidentified performers, speech in English intermittently throughout B23–35;
Unidentified performer, speech in English B36

Running Order:
1. Reel: O'Mahony's Fancy [Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire; composed by Martin Mulhaire]
2. Reel: Coloney Rodney
3. Speech, Polka: Untitled [Information about the performance that follows], Finnegan's Wake
4. Speech, Polka: Untitled, Untitled [Maggie in the Wood]
5. Reels: Miss Patterson [Master Crowley's], Paddy Fahy's Reel [Composed by Paddy Fahy (information supplied by music scribe)]
6. Reels: Untitled [Mary O'Neill's Fancy], Sporting Nell, Untitled (incomplete)
7. Jig: Untitled
8. Jig: Hinchy's Delight
9. Reels: The Salamanca, Rakish Paddy
10. Jig: The Frieze Breeches
11. Hornpipe: Untitled
12. Jig: The Gold Ring
13. Reel: The Fair of Ballinasloe [Ballinasloe Fair], The Chicago Reel
14. Jig: Untitled (incomplete)
15. Reel: Untitled [The Foxhunter's Reel]
16. Slip Jig: Untitled [Ride a Mile]
17. Reel: The Enchanted Lady, The Maids of Castlebar (incomplete)
18. Speech, Song: Untitled [Information that the song sung next was composed by the performer's father], Louis Darcy
19. Speech, Song: Untitled, An Carabhat
20. Jig: Untitled [The Rambles of Kitty (not the tune commonly known by this name)]
21. Jig: Untitled [Paidin O Raifeartaigh, version of]
22. Speech, Single Jig / Slide: Untitled, Untitled
23. Speech, Polka / Hornpipe: Untitled, Untitled [Described by music scribe as 'Scotch Polka'; Staten Island (hornpipe)]
24. Jig: Untitled [The Bohola Jig; Joe Cooley's Jig]
25. Reel, Speech: The Belles of Tipperary, Untitled [Information about the performers of the tune just played]
26. Speech, Reels: Untitled [Information about the next music item, including that it was recorded in June 1955], The Morning Star, Durang's [Usually played as a hornpipe (information supplied by music scribe)]
27. Speech: Untitled [Information about the next music item]
28. Single Jigs / Slides: Cucanandy [The Whistling Thief Jig; Pete Sullivan's Fancy], Mount Collins [If I Had a Wife]
29. Speech, Jig: Untitled [Information about the next music item, including that it was recorded in June 1955], The Humours of Dingle
30. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Sporting Paddy
31. Reels: The Donegal Traveller, Miss Montgomery, The Donegal Traveller
32. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Lad O'Beirne's [The Coalminer], Finbarr Dwyer's Reel [Dwyer's Reel; The Holly Bush; Matt the Thresher; composed by Finbarr Dwyer]
33. Speech: Untitled [Information about the performers in the Joe Burke Trio]
34. Jigs: Untitled [The Humours of Kesh], Races at Carrick? [Title supplied by music scribe; The Coach Road to Sligo; CRE, # 33]
35. Reel: Shaney Mulhern? [Title supplied by music scribe; Never Was Piping so Gay, composed by Ed Reavy]
36. Jig: Untitled [The Rambler]
37. Reel: Untitled
38. Single Jigs / Slides: Untitled [Merrily Kiss the Quaker], Untitled [Dingle Regatta, in the version played by Sliabh Luachra musicians] [END OF BAND ONE]
39. Jig: When the Cock Crows it is Day [Ta an Coileach ag Fogairt an Lae]
40. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Mullin's Favourite [The Green Mountain]
41. Reel: The Reel of Rio [Composed by Sean Ryan]
42. Single Jigs / Slides, Jigs: Untitled [The Clare Jig; Old Kilfenora Jig], Untitled [Dinny Mescal's], Untitled [The Kesh Jig, version of], Untitled [Gillan's Apples]
43. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Paddy Fahy's Reel [Composed by Paddy Fahy; in ray mode (information supplied by music scribe)], Never was Piping so Gay [Composed by Ed Reavy]
44. Speech, Jig: Untitled, The Gold Ring
45. Reel: The Rainy Day
46. Reel: The Spey in Spate
47. Speech, Single Jig / Jig, Polka, Set Tune / Single Jig / Slide, Polka, Single Jigs / Slides: Untitled [Brief; describing the music selection that follows as one for a quadrille], Untitled, Untitled [Related to melody 'The Bog down in the Valley'], Untitled, Untitled, Untitled, Untitled [Comin' Thro' the Rye]
48. Jig: Untitled [The Boys of Lough Gowna; composed by Paddy O'Brien]
49. Reel: The Musical Priest
50. Reel: Devanney's Goat
51. Reel: The Sailor's Cravat
52. Reel: Lord McDonald
53. Speech, Hornpipes: Untitled, Tuamgraney Castle, Ann Sheehy's / The Bunch of Ferns [The Flowing Tide]
54. Speech, Reels: Untitled, Sean Ryan's Reel [The Reel of Rio; composed by Sean Ryan], Ganley's [Coen's Memories; composed by Tommy Coen]
55. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Fahy's
56. Jig: Untitled [Composed by Sean Ryan (information supplied by music scribe); The Hidden Ireland]
57. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Andy McGann's Reel
58. Reel: The Grand Spy [The Graf Spee]
59. Jigs: Apples in Winter, The Lark in the Morning [Dougherty's; Up Sligo]
60. Speech, Hornpipe: Untitled, The Cuckoo Hornpipe (incomplete)
61. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Reynold's Reel [The Sailor's Farewell; The Belharbour Reel; stated by the music scribe to have been composed by Martin Mulhaire, but this is questionable; Reynolds' Reel]
62. Speech: Untitled [Information about the tune that follows]
63. Reel: The Mount Nugent Reel [CICD 4609 (not from this recording); Miss Langford]
64. Speech, Reel: Untitled [Information about the tune that follows], The Boys of Twenty-Five [CICD 4895 (not from this recording); Ah Surely]
65. Speech, Reel: Untitled [Information about the tune that follows], The Maid of the House [CICD 5151 (not from this recording); published in Ceol, vol III, I]
66. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Gatehouse Maid [CICD 4541 (not from this recording); stated by the music scribe to be mistitled; The Baltimore Reel; Hickey's]
67. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Golden Keyboard [Composed by Martin Mulhaire]
68. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Jack Roe [CICD 4024 (not from this recording)]
69. Speech: Untitled [Information about the musician from whom the performer got the tune that follows]
70. Reel: The Crib of Perches [CICD 3124 (not from this recording)]
71. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Untitled [Related to The Ewe Reel?]
72. Speech, Reel: Untitled, Untitled
73. Speech, Reel: Untitled, The Morning Star (incomplete)
74. Speech: Untitled (clipped at end) [Information about placenames] [END OF BAND TWO]

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