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A guide to Irish dancing / by J.J. Sheehan

Four-Hand Reel (A); Four-Hand Reel (B); Eight-Hand Reel (A); Eight-Hand Reel (B); Sixteen-hand reel; Twelve-hand reel; Four-hand jig (Humours of Bandon); Eight-Hand Jig (A); Eight-Hand Jig (B) (St Patricks); Slip (or Hop) Jig (Rocky Road to Dublin)

Irish Traditional Music Archive

A handbook of Irish dances : with an essay on their origin and history / by J.G. O'Keeffe and Art O'Brien

Sixteen-hand reel; Twelve-hand reel; Cor ochtair (Leath-shlabhraid); Eight-hand reel (Half-chain); Cor ochtair (Atharraigh ionaid); Eight-hand reel (Slip sides); Cor ochtair (Leath-fainne); Eight-hand reel (Half-round); Cor ochtair (Cor casta); Eight-hand reel (Cross); Cor ochtair (Caidhp an Chuil Aird); Eight-hand reel (High Caul Cap); Port ochtair (Droichead Gleanna Beithe); Eight-hand Jig (Glenbeigh Bridge); Port ochtair (Da Cheathramhan); Eight-hand Jig (Quarter-chain); Port ochtair (Slabhradh); Eight-hand Jig (Full-chain); Port Ochtair (An Da Chrois); Eight-hand jig (Hands across); Port ochtair (La Fheile Padraigh); Eight-hand jig (St. Patrick's Day); Six-hand reel (Fairy Reel); Six-hand reel (Duke Reel); Cor Cheathrair (Cor Cuinneach); Four-hand reel (Square Reel); Cor Cheathrair (Fionn-ala); Four-hand reel (Fionn-ala); Cor Cheathrair (Leath-chasadh); Four-hand reel (Half-turn); Cor Cheathrair (Cor an Bhothair Mhoir); Four-hand reel (High road reel); Cor Cheathrair (Cor Chaislean an Droichidh); Four-hand reel (Castlebridge reel); Port Cheathrair (Pleireaca na Banndan); Four-hand jig (Humours of Bandon); Port Cheathrair (Port na Lub); Four-hand jig (Hook jig)

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