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ITMA Printed Collection International: Instrumental Music
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Jigs and Reels in Two Volumes containing All Favorite Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Flings, Country Dances, Buck and Wing Dances Etc. Both Old and New. Vol 1

Arkansas traveller, reel; Wha'll be King but Charlie?, jig; Bonnie Dundee, jig; Young May Moon, jig; Campbells are Comin, jig; Swimming in the Gutter, jig; Catholic boys, jig; Untitled, reel; Charlie Mack, jig; Straight Jig; Untitled, clog; College Hornpipe = Sailor's Hornpipe; Sicilian Circle, jig; Saw Ye Johnnie Comin, highland fling; Country Dance, rustic reel; Rosebud, reel; Cruiskeen, reel; Real Thing, The, jig; Rastus, stop jig; Devil's Dream, hornpipe; Pinafore, straight jig; Paresis, reel; Opera, reel; Endearing Young Charms, jig; Over the Stone, jig; Durang's hornpipe; Paddy O'Carroll, jig; Fisher's hornpipe; Delaware, hornpipe; Fairy Dance; Garry Owen, jig; My Old Dutch, straight jig; Good for the tongue, hornpipe; Miss McLeod's reel; Untitled, highland fling; Miller's Reel; Mary Rose, reel; Untitled, jig; Logie O' Buchan, jig; Irish Washerwoman, jig; Love Taps, jig; Joys of Wedlock, jig; Lancashire Clog, dance; Low Backed Car, jig; Lep Up, slip jig; Larry O'Gaff, jig; Lamplighter, hornpipe; Limber Up, reel; Kerry Dance, jig; Kitty of Coleraine, jig; Liverpool Hornpipe; Kitty O'Neil, jig; MacGregor's Hornpipe; Kerry Girls, The, jig

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