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ITMA Printed Collection Levey, Richard Michael, 1811-1899
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First collection of The dance music of Ireland / arranged by R.M. Levey

Rakes of Kildare, The, jig -- Apples in Winter, reel -- Rocky Road, The, slip jig -- Flower of Donnybrook, reel -- Moll in the wad, jig -- Trip it up Stairs, single jig -- Strawberry Beds, reel -- Humours of Bandon, The, jig -- Doyle's Frolic, single jig -- Planxty Connor, single jig -- There was an Old Woman toss'd up in a Blanket, jig -- Untitled, jig -- Go to the D -, and Shake Yourself, single jig -- Untitled, single jig -- Bucks of Westmeath, The, jig -- Morgan Rattler, jig -- Tatter Jack Welsh, jig -- Dublin Streets, jig -- New Found Out, The, reel -- Rambling Pitchfork, The, reel -- Up Stairs in a Tent, reel -- Bottle of Punch, The, jig -- Kitty's Wishes, reel -- Miners of Wicklow, The, jig -- Judy Brallaghan, reel -- Munster Gimlet, The, slip jig -- Humours of Cavan, The, jig -- Connaught Man's Rambles, The, jig -- Rakes of Clonmel, The, jig -- Kitty's rambles, jig -- Strap the Razor, jig -- Strawberry Blossom, The, reel -- Jack in the Green, slip jig -- Kitty in the lane, reel -- Untitled, slip jig -- House in the Corner, The, jig -- Humours of Cork, The, jig -- Scholar, The, reel -- Rakes of Westmeath, The, slip jig -- Teetotaller's Reel, The, reel (or hornpipe) -- Miss Brady, reel -- Saddle the pony, jig -- Ride a mile, slip jig -- Mug of Brown Ale, The, jig -- Beer Drinker, The, jig -- Coming thro' the Field, hornpipe -- Humours of Passage, The, single jig -- Wind that Shakes the Barley, the, jig -- Piper's Maggot, The, single jig -- Munster Buttermilk, The, jig -- Thady's Wattle, hornpipe -- Stack the Rags, single jig -- Salamanca Reel (or hornpipe) -- Connaught Man, The, single jig -- Bag of Praties, The, reel -- Rowdledum, slip jig -- Miss Hamilton's Reel -- Bunch of Currants, The, single jig -- Geese in the Bog, The, jig -- Fagan, single jig -- Irish Lilt, jig -- Rakes of Mallow, The, reel -- Yellow Stockings, slip jig -- Irish Troll, An, jig -- Who'll come fight in the snow, slip jig -- Unfortunate Cup of Tea, The, reel -- Humours of Mullin - a - Faunia, The, single jig -- Whigsborough Hunt, The, slip jig -- Skiver the Quilt, single jig -- Cork City, slip jig -- Green Fields of Erin, reel -- Miss McCloud, reel -- Will you take a Flutter, hornpipe -- Rakes of Frishmen, jig -- Captain Paddy, reel -- Patrick's Pot, single jig -- Beesom, slip jig -- Galway Reel, The -- Kinnegad Slashers, The, jig -- Fox Hunter's Jig, slip jig -- Untitled, reel -- Langstern Pony, The, jig -- Little House under the Hill, The, jig -- Off She Goes, single jig -- Kissing and drinking, jig -- Limerick Lasses, The, polka -- Praties are Dug and the Frost is all Over, The, jig -- Pullet, The, hornpipe -- Marry the Piper, Girls, single jig -- St Patrick was a Gentelman [Gentleman], air -- Connemara, jig -- Untitled, hornpipe -- Merry Harriers, The, jig -- Patrick's Day, jig -- Garryowen, jig -- Protestant Boys, The, single jig -- Boyne Water, The, air -- Sprig of Shillelah, The, jig -- Night before Larry was Stretch'd, The, slip jig -- Blewit's Jig, slip jig

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