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ITMA Printed Collection Bayley & Ferguson
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Irish national songs : a collection of favourite Irish nationalist songs / arranged with pianoforte accompaniments by Alfred Moffat [and] J.J. Johnson

Let Erin Remember the Days of Old [song: music and words] (air: The Red Fox); Nation Once Again, A [song: music and words] (air: A Hundred Years Ago); Avenging and Bright [song: music and words] (Cruacha na Feinne); O'Donnell Aboo [song: music and words]; Paddies Evermore [song: music and words]; Wearin' O' the Green, The [song: music and words]; West's Asleep, The [song: music and words]; Harp That Once, The [song: music and words] (air: Gramachree); Green Flag, The [song: music and words] (air: O'Connell's March); God Save Ireland [song: music and words] (air: Tramp, tramp, tramp); Exile of Erin, The [song: music and words] (air: Savourneen Deelish); Dear Harp of My Country [song: music and words] (air: New Langolee); Saint Patrick's Day [song: music and words]; Battle-Eve of the Brigade, The [song: music and words] (air: Contented I Am); Irish Rapparees, The [song: music and words] (air: The Lowbacked Car); Felons for our Land, The [song: music and words]; Shan Van Voght, The [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Songs of the Irish harpers / collected and arranged for harp or piano by C. Milligan Fox

My thousand times beloved = A mhile gradh, le mhile lá [song: music and words]; Golden locks are my delight = Cúl na subh [song: music and words]; The parting of friends [song: music and words] (air: Na Cumun); Marbhna Chearbhallain [song: words only]; Men of Connaught = Domhnall Meirgeach [song: music and words]; Moorlough Mary [song: music and words]; Sorrow of sorrows [song: music and words]; The red haired girl [song: music and words]; The gates of dreamland [song: music and words]; The foggy dew [song: music and words]; The thresher [song: music and words]; Dear dark head = Cean dubh deelish [song: music and words]; Pastheen Fionn = An Páistín Fionn [song: music and words]; Farewell my gentle harp [song: music and words]

Irish Traditional Music Archive