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Louis Quinn Collection
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Louis Quinn Collection

  • LQU-18762
  • Collection
  • 1950-1975
Collection of reel-to-reel sound recordings made on trips to Ireland by the Armagh-born, New York-based musician Louis Quinn.

Quinn, Louis, 1904-1991

Louis Quinn Collection. Reel-to-Reel 01 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Doherty, John, Donegal, fiddle solo A2-8, 10-11, B24-28, fiddle duet A9, B14, 21, 23, speech in English A1-2, B25;
McCluskey, Malachy, Donegal, speech in English A2-5, 7-9, B20, 24-25, 28;
SD, Donegal, fiddle duet A9, B14, 21, 23, fiddle solo B11-13;
Quinn, Louis, Armagh/New York, speech in English A12-20, 23-29, 31-33, B6-7, 9-10, 13-15;
Monaghan, Eddie, Donegal, fiddle solo A12-13, 31-33, B9-10;
FC, Donegal, fiddle solo A14-19, 21, speech in English A15, 20;
Unidentified instrumental group A22;
Byrne, Francie, Donegal, fiddle solo A23, 25-29, speech in English A24;
Unidentified Performer, fiddle A30 [possibly Mickey Byrne/Eddie Monaghan];
Seery, Sean, Dublin, pipes solo A34, 35;
Kelly, Ciaran, accordion solo B1-3;
Reynolds, Willie, pipes solo B4-5;
Early, James, Leitrim, fiddle duet B6-8;
Cullen, Johnny, Arigna, fiddle duet B6-8;
Gallagher, John, Donegal, fiddle solo B15-19 (?)

Running Order:
1. Start: Speech
2. Hornpipes: The High Level, Madame Vanonie
3. Reel: The Glen Road to Carrick
4. Jig: Frank a Phoill's Jig
5. Hornpipe: The Star Hornpipe
6. Hornpipe: The Japanese Hornpipe
7. Strathspey/Reel: Untitled
8. Strathspey/Reel: Stirling Castle/Untitled
9. : The Drunken Piper? [title given by Malachy - check]
10. Reel: Untitled
11. Reel: Untitled
12. Reel: Untitled
13. Reel: Mooney's Reel
14. Reel: Bonnie Kate
15. Reel: The Drake's Neck
16. Air: Myth Island [Title supplied to ITMA by Rab Cherry. The air was recorded from Frank Cassidy by Fr. Macentaggart and this is the name Cassidy gave for the tune]
17. Reel: Cuffe Street
18. Air: Untitled [air recorded by Ennis]
19. Hornpipe: The Japanese Hornpipe
20. Speech: Frank Cassidy says a word to his sister Kate in New York
21. Reel: Bonnie Kate
22. Jigs: Untitled [unfinished]
23. Reel: On the Road from Glen to Carrick
24. Speech: Louis Quinn back-announces the tune
25. Reel: The Pigeon on the Gate [interupted at the beginning]
26. Reel: Untitled
27. Reel: Dinkie's Reel
28. Jig: Untitled
29. Reel: The Glory Reel
30. Reel: Untitled
31. Reel: Untitled
32. Hornpipe: Untitled
33. Reel: Mooney's Reel
34. Reel: Untitled
35. Air: Untitled [END OF BAND TWO]
36. Reels: Untitled
37. Hornpipe: Kelly's Fancy
38. Reel: Untitled
39. Jigs: Untitled
40. Reel: The First House in Connaught
41. Reel: Untitled
42. Hornpipe: The Boys of Blue Hill
43. Reel: Untitled [beginning clipped]
44. Reel: Untitled
45. Reel: Untitled
46. Reel: The Flowers of Lisnadell(?)
47. Reel: Untitled
48. Hornpipe: The High Level
49. Reel: Lough Isle Castle
50. Reels: Untitled
51. Reel: Untitled
52. Reel: Untitled
53. Reel: Untitled
54. Jig: Untitled [followed by a fragment of a tune]
55. Speech: Tune Intro
56. Reel: Untitled
57. Background Noise
58. Reel: The Pinch of Snuff
59. Reels: Untitled [followed by various material]
60. Hornpipe: The Rolling of the Waves [followed by various material]
61. March/Jig/Reel: Welcome Home to Grainne
62. Air: Untitled
63. Air/Reel: Untitled [END OF BAND ONE]

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