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Tony Knowland Collection
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Tony Knowland Collection

  • TKO-18815
  • Collection
  • n.d.
Collection comprises recordings of sessions in Galway featuring the Coyne Family and Paddy and Steven Rainey and a selection of 'Songs from Renvyle' collected by Tony Knowland.

Knowland, Tony

Tony Knowland Collection. Cassette 1 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Unidentified performers, singing in English A1–3, 5–7;
Unidentified performer, speech in English A4;
Unidentified performer, singing in French A4

Running Order:
1. Song: The Little Old Mud Cabin
2. Song: The Black Ribbon Band
3. Song: The Rocks of Bawn
4. Speech, Song: Untitled [Introduction to the song about to be sung], Tooo-la-la
5. Song: Buckle Her Shoe
6. Song: Nelson [Home, Boys, Home]
7. Song: The Zoological Gardens

Tony Knowland Collection. Reel-to-Reel 1 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Rainey, Stephen 'Spare Parts', fiddle solo A1[?], 4, 6–9, 11;
fiddle duet A3, 13–14, 18–20;
Rainey, Paddy 'Big', fiddle solo A2[?], 5, 10, 12, 15;
fiddle duet A3, 13–14, 18–20;
Conneelly, Martin, fiddle solo A16–17;
singing in English B15;
O'Malley, Tommy, accordion in group A21–24, 29, B10–11;
accordion solo A25;
singing in English B4–5, 8–9;
speech in English B6;
?, Henry, singing in English A26, B13;
? [indistinct], Anny?, singing in English A27;
?, Christie[? female], singing in Irish A28;
Unidentified performer, whistle solo A30–32;
O'Malley, Patrick, singing in English A33, B1–2, 7;
Keane, Donal, singing in English B3;
?, Anne, singing in English B12;
Kane, Phil / Keane, Phil, accordion solo B14;
Unidentified performers, singing in English B16;
?, Pam, singing in English B17;
?, John, singing in English B17;
Hayward, Richard, singing in English B18–20;
speech in English B19–21;
singing in Irish B21

Running Order:
1. Reel: Untitled [The Hunter's Purse]
2. Reels: Untitled [The Collier's Reel], Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
3. Reel: Untitled [The Woman of the House]
4. Jig, Reel: Untitled [The Lark in the Morning], Untitled (brief; incomplete) [The New-mown Meadow]
5. Reels: Untitled [Over the Moor to Maggie], Untitled [The Star of Munster]
6. Reels: Untitled [The Bucks of Oranmore], Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
7. Jigs: Untitled [Delaney's Drummers], Untitled [Saddle the Pony / The Priest's Leap (DMI, # 59)]
8. Reel: Untitled [George White's Favourite] (interrupted)
9. Reel: Untitled [The Fermoy Lasses] (beginning clipped)
10. Song Air: Valley of Knocknamore (beginning clipped) [The Valley of Knockanure]
11. Reel: Untitled [The Pigeon on the Gate]
12. Waltz / Song Air: Lowlands of Lough Glyn [The Woodlands of Lough Lynn]
13. Reel, Hornpipe: Untitled [Drowsy Maggie], Untitled [The Boys of Blue Hill]
14. Reel: Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
15. Reel: Untitled [The Collier's Reel] (end clipped)
16. Reel: Untitled [The Copperplate]
17. Reel, Dance Tune: Untitled [The New-mown Meadow], Untitled (brief; incomplete)
18. Reel, Dance Tune: Untitled [The Swallow's Tail], Untitled (brief; incomplete)
19. Reels: Untitled [Miss Monaghan], Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
20. Reel, Song Air: Untitled [The Jolly Tinker], Untitled [Che Sera Sera]
21. Fling / Barn Dance: Untitled [Love Will You Marry Me]
22. Jig: Untitled [The Queen of the Rushes; played for set-dancers]
23. Reel: Untitled [Drowsy Maggie; played for set-dancers]
24. Reel: Untitled [Miss McLeod] (beginning clipped)
25. Reel: Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
26. Song: The Gypsy Rover (beginning clipped)
27. Song: Enniskillen Dragoons
28. Song: Untitled [Tailliuir an Mhagaigh]
29. Air and Song: Untitled [The Flower of Sweet Strabane]
30. Reel: Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
31. Reel: Untitled [The Swallow's Tail]
32. Reel: Untitled [The Sally Gardens]
33. Song: John O'Brien (unfinished) [END OF BAND ONE]
34. Song: John O'Brien
35. Song: My Bonny Boy is Young but He's Growing
36. Song: The River that Flows through Cashleen [The River that Flows through Raheen ?]
37. Song: Sweet Wesport Town (interrupted)
38. Song: The Skating Tragedy
39. Speech: Untitled [Background to previous song]
40. Song: Cod Liver Oil
41. Song: The Farmer's Daughter (unfinished)
42. Speech, Song: Untitled, Untitled [Rocking the Cradle] (interrupted)
43. Polka: Untitled
44. Fling / Barn Dance: Untitled
45. Song: The Star of the County Down
46. Song: Trod on the Tail of my Coat [Mush Mush Mush Tooral-eye-addy]
47. Hornpipe: Untitled [The Londonderry Hornpipe / The Derry Hornpipe]
48. Song: As I Came Home [Seven Drunken Nights]
49. Song: Erie Canal – John Sebastian
50. Song: Tooo-la-la [Mistitled? The title given refers to a song in French; When Do We Get Married, John]
51. Song: Untitled [The Bard of Armagh; off-air radio dubbing, as are also tracks 19–21]
52. Speech, Song: Untitled [Introduction to the next item], Little Bridget Flynn [Composed by Percy French]
53. Speech, Song: Untitled [Introduction to the next item], Down in Glaslough [Composed by Richard Hayward]
54. Speech, Song: Untitled [Introduction to the next item], Aileen Aroon [Eibhlin a Run / Eileen Aroon] [END OF BAND TWO]

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