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East Galway

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East Galway

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East Galway

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Recital [sound recording] / Joe Burke ; Anne Conroy-Burke

McKenna, Mick, tenor guitar, track 1-9; speech in English, track 2-4, 6, 9
Ni Bheolain, Niamh, Dublin, speech in English, track 7, 9; fiddle, track 7-9
Burke, Joe, speech in English, track 10-12, B1-10; accordion, track 10-12, B1-8, 10
Conroy-Burke, Anne, accordion B8, 9; speech in English B9
Ward, Kevin, speech in English, track 1, 7, 9; guitar, track 1-9
Conroy-Burke, Anne, guitar, track 10-12, B1-7, B10

Running Order:
1. [Speech]: [Introduction]; Rag: The black and white rag
2. [Speech]; Jigs: Untitled
3. [Speech]; Air: I can't give you anything but love
4. [Speech]; Reels: The scholar, The teetotaler, The Boyne hunt
5. [Jazz piece]: Sweet Georgia Brown
6. Reels: Bonnie Kate, Jenny's chickens
7. [Speech]; Hornpipes: The eclipse, The tailor's twist
8. Hornpipe: The blackbird [not the commonly-known `Blackbird']
9. [Speech]; Reels: Lad O'Beirne's, The college groves, Untitled [followed by a few minutes where the following artists set up]
10. [Speech]; Jigs: Gallagher's frolics, Paddy Killoran's
11. [Speech]; Hornpipes: Fly by night, The shaskeen hornpipe
12. Reels: Paddy Kelly's four-part reel, Seán sa cheo; Speech: [speech about Paddy Kelly from East Galway, Joe and Seamus Cooley] [recording continued on 1b-ITMA-DAT/CDR]
13. [Speech]; [Air]; Jigs: Ross Memorial Hospital, Untitled, The pride of Slieve Aughton
14. Reels: The flogging reel, The pigeon on the gate; [Speech]
15. [Speech about Ian O'Kelly of Portumna]; Hornpipes: O'Kelly's fancy, The cuckoo's hornpipe, The smell of the bog
16. [Speech]; Reels: Bonnie Kate, Jenny's chicken's
17. [Speech]; Air: The bonny bunch of roses; Reels: Paddy Kelly's reels
18. [Speech]; Set dance: The humours of Bandon; Slip jig: A fig for a kiss
19. Reels: The bunch of keys, The mouse that strangled the cat
20. [Speech]; Hornpipe: Untitled; Reels: Untitled
21. [Speech]; Reels: The tailor's thimble, The red-haired lass
22. [Speech]; Reels: The yellow tinker, The sally gardens, The bucks of Oranmore [END OF DAT]