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CD and book launches [videorecording] / [various performers]

Hughes, Harry, Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy, speech in English
O Rochain, Muiris, Programme Director, Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy, speech in English
Pepper, Gary, Feakle, speech in English
Byrne, Joe, Mayo, speech in English
MacGabhann, Antóin, Cavan, speech in Irish, speech in English
Vallely, Fintan, speech in English
Quinn, Micil, speech in English
Goan, Cathal, speech in Irish, speech in English
MacNamara, Mary, Clare, speech in English
Crawford, Kevin, speech in English
Burke, Joe, speech in English
Hall, Reg, speech in English

Larry Masterson Collection. Reel-to-Reel 6 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Unidentified performer(s), fiddle in duet A1, 7–8;
fiddle solo B10;
Collins, Kieran, Galway / London, whistle in duet A2;
Mac Mathuna, Ciaran, Limerick / Dublin, speech in English A2, 23;
Unidentified performer(s), pipes solo A3;
pipes in duet A7–8;
Ryan, Sean, Tipperary, fiddle in duet A4;
Moloney, P. J. / Maloney, P. J., Tipperary, flute in duet A4;
Unidentified performer [O Conluain, Proinsias, Dublin?], speech in English A4;
Unidentified performers, instrumental group(s) A5, 9, 22–24, B3, 5, 24, 26;
Unidentified performer(s), accordion solo A6, B1–2, 6–9, 11–23, 25, 27–29;
accordion in duet B4;
Tansey, Seamus, Sligo, flute solo A10–11, 15;
Coleman Country Ceili Band, The, Sligo, instrumental group A12, 17, 19;
Unidentified performer [O Murchu, Sean, Galway / Dublin], speech in English A12, 16, 18, 29;
Unidentified performers, singing in English A13–14, 20–21;
Cooley, Joe, Galway / USA, accordion in instrumental group A22–24;
Farrelly, Sean, London, accordion, tracks B (unspecified);
Unidentified performer [de Buitlear, Eamon, Wicklow], speech in English and Irish B26;
Reck, Tommy, Dublin, pipes solo B26;
Unidentified performers, speech in English B30;
Unidentified performer, guitar in duet A1;
Teague, Frank, London, guitar in duet A2;
Unidentified performer, percussion in duet B4

Running Order:
1. Reel: Untitled [The maids of Castlebar]
2. Reels, Speech: Untitled [Miss McLeod's reel], Untitled [The copperplate], Untitled [Radio announcement, as voice-over]
3. Reel: Untitled [The maid behind the bar; Kiss the maid behind the barrel]
4. Reels, Speech: Untitled [Fahy's favourite / Fahey's favourite; The Galway reel (CICD 2861, from Julia Clifford)], Untitled [Down the broom], Untitled [The first house in Connacht / Connaught], Untitled [Radio announcement, as voice-over]
5. Jigs: Untitled [Paddy Fahey's jig / Paddy Fahy's jig; composed by Paddy Fahey / Paddy Fahy], Untitled [Related to 'The Killaloe boat'?], Untitled [Tonra's jig; composed by Brendan Tonra]
6. Reel: Untitled [Rossmore Jetty; Father Kelly's no. 2 / Father Kelly's number two; composed by Father P. J. Kelly]
7. Reels: Untitled [The old bush], Untitled [The Sligo maid]
8. Hornpipe: Untitled [The harvest home]
9. Jig: Untitled [Bill Harte's jig; The rookery]
10. Jigs: Untitled, Untitled [Strike the gay harp]
11. Reels: Untitled [Lad O'Beirne's favourite], Untitled [Never was piping so gay; composed by Ed Reavy]
12. Jigs, Speech: Untitled [The first night in America], Untitled [Saddle the pony], Untitled [Radio announcement]
13. Song: Untitled
14. Song: Untitled [Old McDonald had a farm]
15. Hornpipe: Untitled [The western]
16. Speech: Untitled [Radio announcement; information about the tune selection that follows; four titles are supplied but only three tunes are played]
17. Reels: The first house in Connacht [The first house in Connaught], The London lassies [Supplied title is incorrect?; Geoghegan's], The traveller
18. Speech: Untitled [Radio announcement]
19. Jig: Untitled [Paddy Clancy's]
20. Song: Untitled (incomplete)
21. Song: Untitled [The boys of the county Armagh]
22. Jigs: Untitled [The queen of the fair], Untitled [Out on the ocean]
23. Jigs, Speech: Untitled [The queen of the fair], Untitled [The rambling pitchfork], Untitled [Radio announcement]
24. Reel: Untitled [Dowd's number nine / Dowd's no. 9] [END OF BAND ONE]
25. Reels: Untitled [The shaskeen reel], Untitled [Buckley's fancy]
26. Jigs: Untitled [The Lough Derg jig; composed by Father P. J. Kelly], Untitled [The Nova Scotia]
27. Reels: Untitled [The old bush], Untitled [The high reel]
28. Reel: Untitled [The bag of potatoes / The bag of spuds]
29. Reel: Untitled [The humours of Lissadell]
30. Jig: Untitled [Richard Brennan's favourite]
31. Hornpipe: Untitled [Lad O'Beirne's; composed by Ed Reavy]
32. Jigs: Untitled [Jack Coen's jig; The Dundalk jig], Untitled [Katie's Fancy]
33. Jig: Untitled [The frieze breeches; incomplete]
34. Reel: Untitled [Paddy Fahy's reel / Paddy Fahey's reel; composed by Paddy Fahy / Fahey]
35. Jigs: Untitled [Andy McGann's], Untitled [Tonra's jig; composed by Brendan Tonra]
36. Reel: Untitled [The green groves of Erin]
37. Reel: Untitled [The copperplate (2)]
38. Hornpipe: Untitled [Cooley's hornpipe; composed by Paddy O'Brien]
39. Reels: Untitled [The boys of Ballisodare], Untitled [The five mile chase]
40. Reel: Untitled [The first house in Connacht / Connaught]
41. Reels: Untitled [Paddy Kelly's reel; composed by Paddy Kelly], Untitled [The sally gardens]
42. Hornpipe: Untitled [The cuckoo]
43. Reel: Untitled [Tear the calico]
44. Waltz: Untitled (incomplete)
45. Reel: Untitled [The morning mist; composed by Joe Burke]
46. Reels: Untitled [Ben Hill reel], Untitled [Rossmore Jetty; Father Kelly's no. 2, Father Kelly's number two] [Both tunes in this selection were composed by Father P. J. Kelly]
47. Jig: Untitled (incomplete)
48. Reel: Untitled [The Kilmaley]
49. Hornpipe: Untitled [The Ballyoran; composed by Sean Ryan]
50. Jig, Speech, Reels: Untitled [The coach road to Sligo], Untitled [Radio announcement], Bonnie Kate, Miss McLeod, Fermoy Lasses [This track contains a dubbing from an RTE radio programme]
51. Reels: Untitled [Castle Kelly], Untitled [Within a mile of Dublin]
52. Fling / Hornpipe, Hornpipe: Untitled [Mrs Galvin], Untitled [The western]
53. Speech, Jigs: Untitled [Radio announcement], The shady groves of Piedmont [Port an bhrathar / the Reverend Brother's jig], Sonny Brogan's jig [Bill Harte's jig; The rookery] [This track contains a dubbing from an RTE radio programme]
54. Speech: Untitled [END OF BAND TWO]

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