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18th International Folksong and Ballad Seminar, Inishowen, 2007. Lecture: The Prince of the Gael is abroad [sound recording] / Tom Munnelly

Munnelly, Tom, speech in English A1-7

Running Order:
1. Speech: Introduction
2. Speech: 'The prince of the Gael is abroad' lecture with pre-recorded musical examples
3. Speech: [lecture continued]
4. Speech: [lecture continued]
5. Speech: [lecture continued]
6. Speech: [lecture continued]
7. Speech: [lecture continued]

Alen MacWeeney Collection. Reel-to-Reel 12B [sound recording] / [various performers]

MacWeeney, Alen, speech in English A1, 4, B1-2, B3/C1;
Unidentified performer [member of Furey family?], singing in English A2-3;
guitar A2-3;
Unidentified performer [member of Furey family?], whistle A2-3;
Unidentified performer [Stokes, P?], speech in English A1, 4, B1-2, B3/C1

Running Order:
1. Speech: Untitled [Conversation about many topics, including: people, among them Mick Murphy; animals; travelling to New Ross; child abandoned by its mother; a traveller funeral; Mrs Furey and her problems with rent collectors, etc]
2. Song: Untitled [Sally Free and Easy]
3. Song: Untitled [Pretty Saro]
4. Speech: Untitled [Conversation about many topics, including: tinsmithing; ordering tin utensils; learning tinsmithing; types of utensils made; personal background; discussion about people in Athlone, Coosan, Loughrea, etc; tin utensils superceded by plastic; dealing in feathers] [END OF BAND ONE]
5. Speech: Untitled [Continuation of track A4]
6. Speech: Untitled [Conversation continued from track B1 about many topics, including: dealing in mattresses; finding money in a feather bed; living conditions now relative to earlier; being evicted by Corporation officials; life philosophy; death of a child due to a fire in a tent; fires in tents and their consequences; other family members; living in houses versus living on the road; wedding ring made from the handle of a spoon; horses and rich horsedealers; Ballinasloe Horse Fair; wrestling matches between women and other sporting activities at Ballinasloe; the king and the queen; improving the lives of the travellers; disunity among travellers]
7. Speech: Untitled [Conversation continued from track B2 about many topics, including: ordering tin utensils; shoeing horses; buying tin; ghost story (repeated); story; child recites rhyme; trapping birds] [END OF BAND TWO]

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