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Festival Concert, part 1 [sound recording] / [various performers]

Munnelly, Tom, speech in English, track 2, 11, 17, 22, B5
Armagh Pipers Club (Brian Vallely, Feargal French, Eamon Curran, Tiarnan Dinkin, Mark Burns, Mark Donnelly), pipes in ensemble, track 3, 10
Vallely, Brian, Armagh, speech in English, track 4, 6-10
French, Feargal, Armagh, pipes solo, track 5
Curran, Eamon, Armagh, pipes solo, track 6
Donnelly, Mark, Armagh, pipes solo, track 8
Ketev, Kiril Stefanov, Bulgaria, Bulgarian pipes solo, track 12-16
MacDonald, Allan, Scotland, speech in English, track 18, smallpipes solo, track 18-21, singing in gaelic, track 21 (singing off-mic)
Dinkin, Tiarnan, Monaghan, pipes solo, track 22-23, B1-4, speech in English, track 22-23, B1-4
Duncan, Gordon, Scotland, warpipes B6-9
Vallely, Eithne, Armagh, speech in English B10

Running Order:
1. Start: background noise
2. Speech/Tuning: Introduction to the Concert and the Armagh Pipers
3. Slip Jigs: Untitled (recording broken off momentarily mid-way)
4. Speech/Tuning: Introduction the performers of the Armagh Pipers
5. Jigs: Untitled
6. Speech/Hornpipes: Untitled
7. Speech: the importance of teaching in the Armagh Pipers' Club
8. Reels: Untitled
9. Speech: the individual achievements of the group
10. Reels/Speech: Toss the Feathers, The Mountain Road
11. Speech: the founding of Na Piobairi Uilleann, introduction to Kiril Stefanov Ketev
12. Piece: Untitled
13. Piece: Untitled
14. Piece: Untitled
15. Piece: Untitled
16. Piece: Untitled
17. Speech/Tuning: Introduction to Allan MacDonald
18. Speech/Marches (Quicksteps): The 92nd Highlanders Welcome to Edinburgh, The 92nd Highlanders March, Catriona Og, Thingles? Weeping
19. Speech/Strathspeys/Reels: Miss Lyle, (title given)?, Whistling Donald, Dancing Feet
20. Speech/Air/Waltz?/Tuning: Untitled, Lud Lud Low? (comp. Allan MacDonald)
21. Speech/Song/Reel?/Piece: Untitled, Contrary, ? (title given)
22. Speech/Tuning: thanks to Allan and introduction to Tiarnan Dinkin
23. Jigs/Speech: I Buried my Wife and Danced on Top of Her, The Old Hag with the Money
24. Speech/Reel: Alexander's, McFadden's Handsome Daughter
25. Speech/Waltz/Reels: Midnight on the Water, Colliers, The Woman of the House
26. Speech/Slides: Untitled
27. Speech/Reels: The Wise Maid, Untitled
28. Speech/Tuning: Introduction to Gordon Duncan, Tuning
29. Jigs: Untitled
30. Reels: Untitled
31. March/Stratspeys/Reels: Untitled
32. Jigs/Reels: Untitled
33. Speech: end of first-half of concert [END OF DAT]