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Alen MacWeeney Collection. Reel-to-Reel 03B [sound recording] / [various performers]

Flynn, Miley, singing in English A1, 8, 10[?], 12, 17;
Flynn, Kathleen, singing in English A2-3 =;
[Cassidy, Kathleen];
Flynn, Kitty, singing in English A4, 7, 11;
Cassidy, Jimmy, singing in English A5-6, 9;
Cassidy, Andy, singing in English A13, 14;
Cassidy, Bill, singing in English A15, 16

Running Order:
1. Song: Forty Shades of Green
2. Song: Green Grow the Rushes [version 1]
3. Song: Green Grow the Rushes [version 2]
4. Song: Lovely Willie (interrupted)
5. Song: My Gentle Mother's Grave = [Gentle Mother ?]
6. Song: Hold My Hand Precious Lord
7. Song: Fraulein (beginning clipped) (unfinished) [END OF BAND ONE]
8. Song: The Road That Flows through Ratheen [Raheen ?]
9. Song: My Father's Serving Boy
10. Song: Father Murphy [Boolavogue] (beginning clipped) (interrupted)
11. Song: Lord Bateman's Castle (interrupted) (unfinished)
12. Song: Danny Boy
13. Song: My Rifle, Pony, and Me
14. Song: My Good Man ? (unfinished) (end clipped)
15. Song: The Jolly Ploughboy
16. Song: Moll and Nancy Hogan [The Wexford Mummers' Song] (interrupted)
17. Song: My Mother's Sweet Voice (unfinished) (end clipped) [END OF BAND TWO]

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