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A handbook of Irish dances : with an essay on their origin and history / by J.G. O'Keeffe and Art O'Brien

Sixteen-hand reel; Twelve-hand reel; Cor ochtair (Leath-shlabhraid); Eight-hand reel (Half-chain); Cor ochtair (Atharraigh ionaid); Eight-hand reel (Slip sides); Cor ochtair (Leath-fainne); Eight-hand reel (Half-round); Cor ochtair (Cor casta); Eight-hand reel (Cross); Cor ochtair (Caidhp an Chuil Aird); Eight-hand reel (High Caul Cap); Port ochtair (Droichead Gleanna Beithe); Eight-hand Jig (Glenbeigh Bridge); Port ochtair (Da Cheathramhan); Eight-hand Jig (Quarter-chain); Port ochtair (Slabhradh); Eight-hand Jig (Full-chain); Port Ochtair (An Da Chrois); Eight-hand jig (Hands across); Port ochtair (La Fheile Padraigh); Eight-hand jig (St. Patrick's Day); Six-hand reel (Fairy Reel); Six-hand reel (Duke Reel); Cor Cheathrair (Cor Cuinneach); Four-hand reel (Square Reel); Cor Cheathrair (Fionn-ala); Four-hand reel (Fionn-ala); Cor Cheathrair (Leath-chasadh); Four-hand reel (Half-turn); Cor Cheathrair (Cor an Bhothair Mhoir); Four-hand reel (High road reel); Cor Cheathrair (Cor Chaislean an Droichidh); Four-hand reel (Castlebridge reel); Port Cheathrair (Pleireaca na Banndan); Four-hand jig (Humours of Bandon); Port Cheathrair (Port na Lub); Four-hand jig (Hook jig)

Irish Traditional Music Archive

Aibhlín McCrann [negative] / Maeve Gebruers

Aibhlín McCrann, Dublin, standing at lectern
Unidentified woman, standing introducing lecture

Creation Location:
Lecture: The Irish Harp by Aibhlín McCrann; 9th World Harp Congress, O'Reilly Hall, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4

Aidan O'Hara Collection. Reel-to-Reel 68 [sound recording] / [various performers]

O'Hara, Aidan, speech in English throughout;
?, Sue/Caroll?, speech in English A1-2;
Unidentified performers, speech in English A3

Running Order:
1. Speech [working with Father Jack Crean and Larry Hogan, running religious retreats for students, dealing with young people and their problems, how Sue came to her faith, running retreats, incest and sexual abuse] / Sue Caroll, speech in English ; Aidan O’Hara, speech in English [END OF BAND ONE]
2. Speech [working with young people and their problems continued...] / Sue Caroll, speech in English ; Aidan O’Hara, speech in English
3. Speech [the music industry in Ireland, popular music recording studies, music schools] / Hugh [?], speech in English ; [unidentified speaker] [END OF BAND TWO]

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