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Breandán Breathnach Collection. Reel-to-Reel 335 [sound recording] / [various performers]. Track 2

a) Speech, b) Song, c) Speech, d) Song, e) Song, f) Speech, g) Instrumental Piece, h) Song, i) Speech, j) Song, k) Speech, l) Song, m) Speech: a) Untitled [Radio announcement], b) Can You Dance the Polka?, c) Untitled [Radio announcement], d) Farewell to Tarwathie, e) Untitled [Brief; one verse only], f) Untitled [Information about the song just song and the tune to be played next; gives the title of the tune], g) ? the Forty Second [Tune has the same melody as that of the song sung before it here], h) Untitled, i) Untitled [Interview; topic: sea songs and shanties], j) The Bug-A-Boo, k) Untitled, l) Untitled [All for Me Grog], m) Untitled [Radio announcement & interview] [This track is a poor-quality off-air dubbing of a (radio or TV) programme titled 'The Sea Folk', broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland]

Bennett, Johnm?
Byrne, Anne, Dublin - singing in English with instrumental accompaniment b
Healy, James N - singing in English with instrumental accompaniment j
Healy, James N, Corkm
McConnell, Cathal, Fermanagh - whistle in trio g
McGuigan, Pat - harmonica in trio g
Unidentified performer - speech in English a
Unidentified performersl

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