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Accordion recital [videorecording] / Jackie Daly ; [various performers]

Daly, Jackie, speech in English, track 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15; accordion, track 16, 18
Keane, Conor, speech in English, track 1; accordion, track 1, 18
Burke, Joe, speech in English, track 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16; accordion, track 17, 18
O'Leary, Brian, speech in English, track 2; accordion, track 2, 18
Harris, Charlie, speech in English, track 3; accordion, track 3, 18
Nolan, Donie, speech in English, track 4; accordion, track 4, 18
Connors, Timmy, speech in English, track 5; accordion, track 5, 18
Searson, Joe, speech in English, track 6; accordion, track 6, 18
Connolly, Johnny, speech in Irish, track 7; speech in English, track 7; accordion, track 7, 18
Gardiner, Bobby, speech in English, track 8; accordion, track 8, 18
McNamara, Christopher, track 9, speech in English; accordion, track 9, 18 =
[McNamara, Christy]
O'Mahony, Danny, speech in English, track 10; accordion, track 10, 18
Trabjerg, Anders, speech in English, track 11; accordion, track 11, 18
Begley, Brendan, speech in English, track 12; accordion, track 12, 18 =
[Ó Beaglaoich, Breanndán]
O'Connor, Paudie, speech in English, track 13; accordion, track 13, 18
Mulachy, Mick, speech in English, track 14; accordion, track 14, 18
Mulcahy, Michelle, accordion, track 14, 18
Conroy, Anne, speech in English, track 15; accordion, track 15, 18
Ó Rócháin, Muiris, speech in English, track 17

Running Order:
1. Speech: [Introduction]; Jigs: Charlie Hunter's, Arthur Darley's
2. Speech: [Introduction]; Polkas: John Clifford's, Callaghan's
3. Speech: [Introduction]; Reels: The flax in bloom, The bag of spuds
4. Speech: [Introduction]; Slides: Untitled, Untitled
5. Speech: [Introduction]; Slides: Johnny Mickey's slides
6. Speech: [Introduction]; Reels: Seán Ryan's, Ger Quigley's
7. Speech: [Introduction]; Jigs: The Connaughtman's rambles, The Irish washerwoman
8. Speech: [Introduction]; [Reels: The wind that shakes the barley, The first house in Connaught]
9. Speech: [Introduction]; Air: A stór mo chroí
10. Speech: [Introduction]; Reels: The pigeon on the gate, Sailing into Walpole's marsh, Untitled
11. Speech: [Introduction]; Hornpipes: The gypsy hornpipe, The high level
12. Speech: [Introduction]; Hornpipes: The skillet pot, Crossing the Rhine
13. Speech: [Introduction]; Polkas: Denis O'Keefe's, [Untitled, from Ger Collins], The pigs eating nuts in the wood
14. Speech: [Introduction]; Reels: The morning dew, Cooley's, Last night's fun
15. Speech: [Introduction]; Hornpipes: The harvest home, Dunphy's
16. Speech: [Introduction]; Air: Ceo ar Muisire
17. Speech: [Muirís Ó Rócháin makes festival announcements]; Speech: [Introduction]; [Reels: The Cavan reel, The Boyne hunt]
18. [Reels: Cooley's, The wise maid]

Accordion recital [videorecording] / Joe Burke ; Jackie Daly ; [various performers]

Burke, Joe, Galway, speech in English, accordion
Daly, Jackie, Cork, speech in English, accordion
Keane, Conor, accordion
McNamara, Christy, Clare, accordion
Conroy-Burke, Ann, accordion
Dwyer, Finbar, Cork, accordion
Harris, Charlie, Galway, accordion
Nolan, Donie, Limerick, accordion
Collins, Timmy, Cork, accordion
Gardiner, Bobby, Tipperary, accordion
Ó Beaglaoich, Breanndán, Kerry, accordion =
Begley, Brendan, accordion
O'Leary, Danny, Kerry, accordion
O'Leary, Brian, Kerry, accordion
Searson, Joe, Milltown Malbay, accordion
Trabjerg, Anders, Denmark, accordion
Mulcahy, Mick, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick, accordion
Mulcahy, Michelle, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick, accordion
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